mfc car finance blacklisted

MFC car finance for bad credit

MFC- providing simple motor finance solutions

A division of Nedbank, MFC is specialises in smooth, frictionless motor finance. Offering vehicle finance in 6 easy steps, MFC also facilitates safe, secure and hassle-free private vehicle sales. Opting for vehicle finance is something that many South Africans choose when they want to buy a car. The reality is that cars are quite expensive in South Africa and not everyone can afford to buy them using cash upfront.
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Reasons why you didn’t get a loan

Reasons why the loan was declined – What you need to know about credit records

Credit bureaus are often the first stop for many lenders when deciding whether to grant an individual credit or not. These institutions are responsible for collecting and monitoring consumer and company credit data relevant to a person or company’s lending history and habits. Consumer credit activities are monitored and recorded and are reflected as credit records.
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against assets with top cash

Loans for valuables or against assets – Top Cash

Top Cash – providing instant loan solutions

Top Cash is a diamond exchange pawn shop located in Sandton, Johannesburg. Since inception 12 years ago, it has specialised in the provision of instant cash loans.

Loans for valuables – Why choose Top cash?

Top Cash provides a clean, friendly, safe and professional environment to get loans against assests, buy, sell or pawn almost anything of value.
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BforMobile Cellphone contracts for blacklisted

Cellphone contracts for blacklisted clients – Bfor Mobile

Bfor Mobile – providing simple access to mobile devices

Bfor Mobile is a company based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, that has a long history in the cellular industry. The company makes it easy to get a mobile device with no credit check.

Why choose Bfor Mobile?

With Bfor Mobile you can get a modern smartphone or tablet even if you have a bad credit record.
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bondnet home loans blacklisted

Mortgage bond for blacklisted people with Bondnet

Bondnet – Simple Mortgage bond for blacklisted people

Buying a home is often one of the biggest purchases one can make in their lifetime. What makes this process challenging at times is that it can be quite expensive. For many people, buying a home means that they need to get some financial assistance in the form of a home loan.
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