Simple guide to home loans for blacklisted people

The downturn of various economies across the world in 2008 caused a collapse in terms of home loan lenders. The collapse was found to be as a result of the granting of mortgages that were higher than the actual value of the properties.

So when borrowers defaulted and their properties were repossessed, lenders could not recoup the value of outstanding mortgages.
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A guide to how Debt Counselling works

Being in debt doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can only become burdensome when you can’t afford to keep up with repayments.

When you are over-indebted, it will help to get help from a professional
During the debt counselling process a debt counsellor will look into your financial situation and then make recommendations to credit providers on your behalf.
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Northside Pawnbrokers loans in Durban

Northside Pawnbrokers loans in Durban

Northside Pawnbrokers- easily accessible personal and business loans

When a financial emergency comes up, the last thing you need is the inconvenience of not having money. Unfortunately, this is the reality of millions of South Africans. Research has shown that one of the most popular reasons that South Africans apply for personal loans is because they don’t have an emergency fund.
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Five Star cash loans Durban

Five Star Cash Loans is a financial institution that offers South Africans a hassle-free method of getting access to extra cash. Quick short term loans can be ideal when you’re facing a financial emergency such as an unexpected medical expense, or funeral costs.

With fast turnaround rates, Five Star Cash Loans offer clients quick access to the cash they need to meet any financial emergencies they may have.
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Bad Credit Loans South Africa

Bad Credit Loans South Africa online

Bad Credit Loans South Africa – simple and easily accessible personal loans

The high cost of living has made it increasingly challenging for many people to keep up with their debt repayments. As fuel costs rise and food becomes more expensive,  more South Africans are having a hard time repaying their debts – which often leads to bad credit.

Having bad credit can be quite an inconvenience. Not only do you have a blemish on your credit record as a result, but credit providers are less likely to willingly grant you access to credit when you need it most.
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Ayoba Loans

Ayoba Loans – credit for blacklisted people

Ayoba Loans  – have you ever needed quick, simple access to cash? Maybe you’ve exhausted all your options available through family and friends. Or maybe you have a less-than-perfect credit score and you’re having a hard time getting access to finance through your bank.

This is when a personal loan from a micro lender can come in handy. Ayoba Loans is a leading micro lending institution that offers fast, flexible solutions designed to give you access to the money you need.
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