Cars4Everyone asks if you have been struggling with getting vehicle finance at the major banks. Do you want to own a car and can afford it?


Cars4Everyone has developed an innovative method of getting car keys in your hands without hustles faced by the modern credit seeker for a vehicle. The idea is simple, Rent to Own, you rent a car till you own it. Since its inception more than 100 vehicles have been placed in this progressive model.


Latest vehicle models less than 4 years old with no more than 60 000km on the cloak are available for rent to own program. The base amount starts at R5 000 which is all inclusive. Cars4Everyone has an open platform whereby the vehicle owner and you will agree on terms and conditions for the car usage. Upon the agreement you will use the car as your own. The car will only be transferred to you when you have paid the installment in full. All vehicles are under insurance by Mutual and Federal Insurance Policy. You can have a peace of mind knowing that you are insured by the best in the industry. The vehicle comes with tracking technology. It must be stated that the vehicle is not to be used for Uber or public transportation.


  • Own a car through renting it.
  • Payment start at R5 000 that is inclusive.
  • Own the car when you have paid it in full.
  • Easy terms on payments.


Cars4Everyone will need you to meet a few conditions before your application for a car can be approved. You must not have a criminal record. Your age must be 20 years and older. The following are the documents requirements you must meet:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • A certified copy of your driver’s license
  • Bank statements (4 months)
  • Proof of residential address
  • Latest pay slips (3 months)
  • Gross income, minimum of R40,000
  • Minimum Facilitation fee of R35,000


  • Facilitating fees are from R 35, 000 to R 95, 000
  • Monthly administration fees are from R 450 to R 1750

Everyone has a dream of owning a car. Going the conventional route can be disappointing. Banks have high levels of vetting. Even if you are working, you may find yourself not able to qualify for a vehicle. The economy of South Africa is not centralized. So the use of public transportation is required to get to work. Only a few people walk to work. Millions travel every day. However public transport is unreliable and can easily get you late at work. Cars are not only for work but also recreation. It’s really important to have a car in South Africa to get things done for work and for holidays.


For more details on Renting to Own a Vehicle you can visit online site and complete a Rent To Own form. Another option is to call during office hours or send an email and one of the trained consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone Number: +27 (0) 84 706 6000


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