Ruby Finance loans

Ruby Finance strategic outlook is on financial services and insurance companies, bringing solutions focused on businesses and individuals. If you looking for professional finances and advice services, Ruby Finance will be there for you.

About Ruby Finance

Ruby Finance has a group of partners that help you get a loan from a variety of credit providers. Its not just one loan company but its a group of providers. Using this method puts you in a better chance of getting a good deal. Your application will be sent to different credit providers and the lender with the best deal will be forwarded to you. Ruby Finance is a registered credit provider working with partnerships.

Services – Ruby Finance

Ruby Finance team will help you get a personal loan or a business loan. If you run a company you know how difficult it is to get a loan from a bank or any leading finance institutions. Ruby Finance will help you procure credit so that your company can grow. Without capital input, there can be no expansion to your company. Many have had their dreams die due to a lack of funding. Don’t let your business close down because Ruby Finance you can find a credit line. Loans are not only limited to business, but personal loans. The interest on loans is better positioned to suit your affordability. Another service you will find is advice on credit and finances, advice on insurance. Negotiating with banks to help you get a better interest rate. Medical Aid Insurance Options, Medical Gap Cover Insurance, Short Term Specialty Finance for non-secured financing, Personal Financing, Business Financing, Low Interest Rates all these services are offered by Ruby Finance.

Benefits of Ruby Finance

  • Business loans can be requested.
  • Partnerships working with Ruby Finance are registered with NCR
  • Professional advice on financial matters.
  • Wide variety of financial services.

Ruby Finance loan Application

Ruby Finance applications are done online. The site security is very high and your information will be dealt in a confidential manner. The criteria is that must be 18 years and older to access the loan. You must be working full time and be a South African citizen. The following is what you will need for application:

  • Produce a South African Identity Document book or card.
  • Pay slips not older than 2 months.
  • Have banking details – account not older than 3 months.
  • Produce residential address.
  • A working cellphone number for contact.

Admin fee is R350 for an inquiry. The professional will help your financial requirements. Once the loan has been approved you have the freedom to use it as you see fit. Loans cover things like marriage venue, travel, and medical procedures. It’s important that you pay the loan every month in time. Omissions will lead to additional rates and fees. Businesses need to bring company registration, bank account. Also you will need to show your statements, cash flow, and balance sheet. Running a company can be challenging it can be made worse if you don’t have enough capital.

Ruby Finance Contact details

For more details you can contact Ruby Finance through email and a consultant will get back to you as soon as possible. Where ever you are in the country, you will have a reply. The services cover all of South Africa.


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