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Komo Finance is one of thriving credit lenders that is known for its reliability. Are you looking for a dependable cash loans provider today?


Komo Finance is a credit loans provider and knows that cash is a dominant player in everything. Money can run out easily even for those who are fully employed. The utmost importance is to have cash when you are in an emergency. It can be scary when you have no one to help you with cash in a hard time. However Komo Finance will always answer your call for cash need requirements.


Komo Finance provides loans for you starting at R500 and up to R4 000. When you need to stabilize your cash flow problems you can always rely on Komo Finance. The interest rate is affordable. Paying back the loan is simple, it’s done by a debit order through your bank account. 30 days is the maximum amount of time for paying the R500- R900 loan. The R4 000 loan can stretch for 5 months. You can rest assured that Komo Finance is not a questionable loans provider. It is registered with the National Credit Regulator.


  • Flexible repayments on the loan.
  • Interest Rates are based on the National Credit Regulator.
  • Professional staff trained to assist you with loans.
  • Trustworthy loans provider.


Application for the loan is not complicated. You must be working full time and your salary must be well positioned for you to pay off the loan you take. Komo Finance can only provide loans to individuals 18 years and older. You will need to produce a few documents that will help in the application process. These documents are:

  • A valid South African ID book or card
  • Produce proof of residential address
  • Provide latest pay slip
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months.
  • A valid and working cellphone number.

As you know, that when you need cash you don’t want to wait all day and night. Komo Finance works to speed up the process of loan application. When you are approved you will have the cash transferred into your bank account. In order to avoid extra fees do remember to have cash in your bank for the debit order to come through. Failure to do so can result in you paying more. It can also lead to you having a negative credit rating on your profile. The small loans can be used to cover a little emergencies. Issues can arise during the month and year that can demand cash. Money that you do not have at the time. These situations are real, you may need little money to fix your car, buy windscreen. The loans have no limits for usage. You can employ the cash as you wish.


For more information you can contact Komo Finance during office hours. You can have all your loans related questions answered by a trained consultant. Visit the branch in person and apply for a loan.


166 Main Rd, Somerset West, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Telephone Number

021 851 1458


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