Jaqone loans

Jaqone loans has an innovative method for cash loans. Assets in exchange for cash till you pay off the loan may be the best solution for your credit needs.


Jaqone loans strategic focus is based on smart ways of financial solutions for your immediate cash demands. Do you have an asset like a car that is fully paid but you can’t get a loan? Jaqone loans allow you to put up this asset as a form of collateral on the loan. Most people can’t get loans even those with fully paid assets. The purpose of Jaqone loans is to give a credit line to this market segment. Are you running a company and can’t get a loan but have an asset? Jaqone loans will open a credit line for your business. Assets include car, motorcycles, boats and Jet Ski.


Jaqone loans are from R12 000 to R500 000. The professionals who structure contracts work in favor of your financial circumstances. Everyone knows that getting a business loan is not easy. However at Jaqone loans you have an option. The value of the loan is measured by the car or asset you put up. The model year and mileage will be checked by well qualified professionals. The procedure does not take long. This applies both to a personal loan or business loan. In the current climate of financial constraints and freezing up of credit markets you will need alternative sources of credit. Lack of credit can affect your business in a very negative way. Joqone loans interest rates are based on the industry standard. No extra fees on interest. The loan repayment is flexible.


  • Assets for cash loans.
  • Blacklisted loans welcomed with collateral.
  • Jaqone loans is Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Credit line for those that have collateral but rejected by big banks.
  • Interest rates based on the NCA.


The Application is done online. Make an appointment with Jaqone loans. The car will be inspected at your premises or where you work. Once the assessment of the value of your car is made, the value of loan you request will be processed. You will need to have proper documentation with you when you apply for the loan. You also need to be employed full time. Checks on your documentation will be made. When approved your loan will be given to you the same day. The documents you will need to produce are the following:

  • Provide a valid South African Identity document.
  • An active South African bank account with monthly salary deposits.
  • Pay slips not older than 3 months.
  • Residential address not older than 3 months – or a utility bill.
  • An active cellphone number where you will be contacted.

The assets you provide as collateral will be kept safe in a store house that has 24/7survillance cameras. When you have paid off the debt your car will be transferred to you in its condition.


For more information you can send an email to Jaqone Loans or call during office hours.


613 Bali Village, Wapadrand, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, 0050

Website: https://www.jaqone.co.za/

Phone Number: 066 256 7707

whatsapp 081 467 2128

Fax 086-563-2446

email: info@jaqone.co.za

email: accounts@jaqone.co.za

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