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When you find yourself in financial difficulty, which is not uncommon in South Africa, you want to make the right financial choice through a loan.

There are so many loan offerings to choose from. One might think that it would be easy to choose the right loan with such a large number of loans to choose from but unfortunately the decision making process is most likely to become bombarding and over whelming. What a lot of people seem to miss when selecting a loan is the difference between credit cards and personal loans and the interest rates thereof.


sa cash loans

SA Cash Loans

SA Cash Loans is an online loan provider that was established with the purpose to provide cost effective loans to anyone in South Africa who is looking for a loan. SA Cash Loans services are available in all 9 Provinces of South Africa. All of the services offered by this institution cash are available online. The online platform is quick, easy to use and paperless. S.A Cash Loans is unique in that it welcomes people with a bad credit record to apply for a cash loan; whilst many other establishments may turn down a person with a bad credit record, S.A. Cash loan services does not conduct a credit check and they ensure that they find a solution for the person with bad credit by offering him/her a cash loan through their rich and vast network of credit providers.
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makro loans

Makro Cash Loans

Makro is known for its versatility of products, bulk packaging and bargain prices. If you were to stop right now and  have a look around your house at all your belongings you could bet your bottom dollar that most of them could be easily found at Makro from your TV, Fridge, Washing machine, Cell phone and even your groceries are all products that can be found at Makro and Makro offers so much more than what has been mentioned above that is why most South African’s love it and to top it all off; Makro has gone a step further and offers its customers Cash Loans.
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fast finance finder

Fast Finance Finder loan solutions

“If only a big bag of money could fall into my lap right now!” We’ve all thought this thought at some point in our lives, especially when we are faced with unforeseen emergencies that need financial attention immediately or when we plan for certain events in our lives but find ourselves rearranging and changing the plans until we are at a complete loss and begin the ever so frustrating task of trying to accept that things are just not going to go the way we had planned. Well with Fast Finance Finder (FFF) you don’t need to change your plans drastically or you’ll find you won’t even have to change them at all because we offer you financial solutions to specifically meet your financial needs.
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shoprite loans

Loans from Shoprite with MFIN Cash

Shoprite is one of South Africa’s best loved grocery stores. They are always pretty easy to find and their prices are always cost effective, aimed at saving you money while giving you value from their products and services. A few years ago Shoprite came up with an innovative idea; Money Transfer. Their Money Market services became a relief to their customers because not only could their customers get their hands on their amazing product offerings but they could also send or receive money through the service offering that Shoprite developed specifically for their customer’s convenience.
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kagisano loans

Kagisano Loans

Kagisano loans has seen your struggle and heard your cry for financial alleviation. When you need the extra cash for an unforeseen expense or for a much needed course to boost your skills or whatever it may be; they are here to lend a helping hand and to ensure that you assisted quickly and effortlessly. Kagisano loans is a financial service provider that can offer you a loan from R3 000 to R6 000. Kagisano loans offers short term loans or what is commonly known as pay day loans. These loans give you the amount that you need immediately to meet your financial whatever they may be. First they need to assess your documentation to see whether you qualify for a loan or not.
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cube finance loans

Cube Finance loans for people with bad credit

We can all agree that living in the Johannesburg is like living in an urban jungle. It’s a fast paced environment that we all find ourselves having to manage on a daily basis. Having deadlines to meet, a scheduled Doctor’s visit, your son’s soccer practice and getting home to bake your daughter’s cupcakes for the cake and candy sale at school can leave you with little to no time for yourself which is something that we at Cube Finance loans understand. With so many credit providers in South Africa; you may find yourself overwhelmed at the onslaught of all the offerings these financial institutes may have and you simply do not have the time to go through all o them.
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cosmo mall kkk loans

KKK Cash Loans – finance in Cosmo City

Having a vehicle to navigate the urban jungle in Johannesburg can be a thrill and a necessity however; all the browsing online for a good deal can leave you perplexed and overwhelmed. Living in the City of Gold definitely needs one to have a car to navigate the urban concrete jungle. There is much to get around to doing in the constant electrifying rush of Johannesburg, whether you need a run around to take you from A to B or you are in the market looking for a more comfortable, stylish yet affordable car to roam the streets with; car finance always seems to be an inescapable tumult but it doesn’t have to be if you look toward KKK Cash loans for vehicle finance or personal loans. KKK Cash loans offers you cash not only to finance a vehicle or deposit a vehicle but we offer our clients personal loans for you to do with as you please.
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Pick A Loan

Pick A Loan, Cash Loans

Pick-a-loan: We can all agree that we could do with a little extra cash especially in this uncertain economic climate.  Think about the debt that you could eradicate the dream house that you could get or what about finally getting your hands on that ridiculously amazing piece of German engineering, yes your dream car. It may seem absolutely amazing to finally have your dreams take place however; in the same breath most of us just need that little extra cash to meet our day to day needs by ensuring that we do not lose a large amount of money on a monthly basis from the result of debt making sure that we still have enough to sustain our urban life style.
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JKMS Loans

JKMS Loans

JKMS loans is a financial provider that offers different types of loans. Their short term loans range from R1 000 to R8 000 which can be paid over a period of 1- 6 months. The only pre requisite is that you will need to provide them with a three month banking statement as well as your latest salary slip in order for the loan to be approved for you. Application forms are available on the website and should not take too long to complete.
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cash back finance

Cash Back Finance Rustenburg

Is the bite of the instability of the economy eating its way through your wallet! We are all finding it difficult to beat the challenges of simply not having enough money to meet all our needs. All your efforts to try and get on top of this crumbling economy may have left you high and dry with some if not one establishments black listing you. Being black listed is only proof that you were trying to make an effort to disengage yourself from financial difficulty which is why we at Cash Back Finance has developed a service just for you.
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