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Loan Tracker SA is all about improving your quality of your life through legal services. Have you been unfairly treated and looking for Para-Legal or loan finding services?


Loan Tracker SA concentration is on Para-Legal services. Most people have legal problems and lack legal protection. The reality is that contracts can be complex and you may find yourself being in a compromised position. When signing a document for a long term commitment without reading the fine print, it may end up costing you lots of cash. Another example has to do with matrimonial contracts that people enter into without being aware of legal ramifications. You need to be equipped with good advice and knowledge before you enter into such agreements. Loan Tracker SA will help you with their team of professionals.


Loan Tracker SA activity is within the legal field. Also a free service of tracking your loan is what you will find when you subscribe. You may ask how does loan tracking work. When you apply for a home loan it does not take 24 hour to be approved. It’s a long process and procedures have to be followed. Tracking a loan works in relation to knowing how close is your loan for approval. How many steps are left and how long it will take is another applied method of loan tracking. You give Loan tracker your loan application number and they will track it for you. Additional legal services by Loan Track SA are civil & Labour Law Advice Assistance Service. This includes:

  • Personal Injury Advice Assistance Service
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assistance Advice Service
  • Criminal Law Advice Assistance Service
  • Harassment Advice Assistance Service
  • Will and Testament Advice Assistance Service
  • Domestic Violence Advice Assistance Service
  • Conveyance Advice Assistance Service
  • Matrimonial Law Advice Assistance Service
  • Litigation Advice Assistance Service
  • General Advice Assistance Service
  • Monthly Electronic Service Assistance Pack and
  • Complimentary Loan Finding Service

Loan Tracker SA Advice Assistance Package is priced at R R429.00 for the first month only. Monthly subscription is R99.00.


  • Legal Cover at reasonable rates.
  • Loan tracking services for home loans.
  • Wide range of legal products under one roof.
  • Professional advice on legal matters.


Loan Tracker SA has criteria for all its applicants. You must be working and earning a salary of R1 500 paid monthly into your bank. Another condition is you have to be 18 years and older. The services are for South African citizens living in the country. You will need the following for application:

  • A working cell phone number
  • South African Identity Document (Book or Card)
  • Bank account where your salary is deposited into
  • Produce last three months bank statements
  • Produce the Latest pay slips
  • Provide a proof of residential address

This is all you need for application for legal services at Loan Tracker SA.


For more information you can call or email Loan Tracker SA during office hours.

National Contact Centre

For Multi-functional Service Plan Product call: 0869 990 016

General Email Inquiries:
Facsimile Number: 086 608 1766

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Weekends: Closed | Public Holidays: Closed

Postal Address:
PO Box 569,
Century City,

Physical Address:
Northbank Lane, Century Boulevard,
Century City,
Cape Town, 7441

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