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Online personal loans designs credit that suits you. Credit that is affordable, loans that are easy to pay back. For when you are in a crisis you need not get deeper into debt.


Online personal loans has methods to get you credit even when blacklisted. The method is simple and you don’t have to worry about being rejected if you are working and can afford the loan. Having a negative credit rating should not discourage you from loaning cash from a reputable loans provider. Meaning don’t go to mashonisa loan sharks. Its best to have loan that won’t scar your finances in the long term. At Online personal loans will open a credit line to you as long as you are working and earning basic amount required even if you are blacklisted.


Online personal loans has a wide range of credit needs covered. Payday loans, Blacklisted loans, quick loans, and personal loans these are the services covered by Online personal loans. Interests on loans are affordable. The repayments plan differ per loan. Pay day loans usually have 30 days to settle or the next pay day, the amount starts at R500 and maximum of R4 000. Blacklisted loans starting at R500 to R5 000 are for you when no credit lender will not look at your application. Banks have high standards of requirements. However at Online personal loans your ability to pay back the loan is what determines the amount you will get. Quick loans are best used when you have a little financial need but lack cash to cover it. The amounts are small and payment is to be made in 30 days. Personal loans come with flexible repayments, the amount starts at R500 and can reach R150 000 and installment lasts for 60 months.


  • Blacklisted loans, quick loans pay day loans all within the same credit provider.
  • Easy to repay the loan size is small.
  • Have cash in your bank account in about 24 hours.
  • Interest based on NCA.


To qualify for Online personal loans you need to be employed with a minimum monthly salary of R3 000. For high amount loan, your monthly salary must be capable to meet payment within the given time. Another important factor is your age; you must be 18 years but not older than 65 years. You must be a South African. The information you give will be checked and go through a verification process. You will need the following documents upon application.

  • A legit working cell phone number.
  • A South African Identity Document (ID book or Card).
  • Banking details, Account where your salary is deposited into.
  • Last three months bank statements.
  • Produce the Latest pay slips.
  • Provide a proof of residential address.

You will be approved the same day and you can spend the loan of your needs.


For more information on how to apply for a loan or details on how the interest rate you will be paying you can visit the website. All applications are done online.

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