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ITC Clear – did you know that 5 million credit consumers are blacklisted in South Africa and seek to clear their name. Are you one of these who need to have a credit score turned from negative to positive?


ITC Clear knows that getting a loan in South Africa is a hard for most people. The banks and lending institutions need you to have clean credit profile and that is not enough. You must show that you have more than sufficient money to pay the loan. So if you are blacklisted you have two mountains to climb. ITC Clear works to get your credit profile be in good standing.


ITC Clear has helped lots of people get their names cleared. Removing debt review, which is debt counseling, is a strategy to get out of debt. When under debt review it will stop you from getting a loan or opening an account. This will result in you having to pay off known loans while you are under counseling. Debt review was introduced by the National Credit Act. The process includes your debtors being negotiated with to lower or restructure the debt to an affordable rate for you.

Credit score is based on how well you pay off your loans. When you skip or default on your loans it will end up affecting your credit score. Having a good credit score is vital to having low interest rates. If your credit score is bad it will only mean that you are a high risk. This will also limit your credit applications. However when you do get approved for credit, you will pay a very high interest rate. ITC clear can assist you improve your credit score. All lending companies base their loan interest on a credit score.

Negative listings like judgments come from the court. This happens when a creditor takes you to court because of lack of payment. This will be put into your credit profile. It can last for months before this is removed. The judgment will restrict you from getting a good deal on loans even access to some form of loans.

Credit report is all your credit information put into a profile. Every credit based transaction is recorded, this includes lack of payment. ITC can assist you when you have settled your debts get a good credit report.


  • Clear your name from negative listing.
  • Be able to have good interest rates and deal on loans.
  • ITC Clear provides sound advice on finance and credit.
  • Get your credit power again.


To apply for the service of debt name clearance, you must have the total debt amount of your creditors and their accounts. You must have your documents, which is: South African ID, pay slip and banking details. ITC clear will assist you in getting out of negative credit score for a small fee. TransUnion, ITC, Experian, Compuscan and XDS are used by credit lenders to evaluate your credit history. If you can’t get a loan then you need to have your credit profile reviewed and ITC Clear will help you in the process.


For more information you can call ITC clear during office hours. For 10 years they have assisted credit consumers in South Africa clear their names.


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