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Nedbank children’s affinity credit card

Nedbank is a financial institution built around the strength and loyalty of humanity over the years. This Nedbank human anchor has been in form of thousands employees who dedicate their  time and energy to serve and millions of people as clients who entrust Nedbank with their financial  resources and also acquire Nedbanks products and services. This background has therefore given Nedbank many reasons to incorporate the value of community social responsibility in business operations. In driving this charitable value forward, Nedbank introduced the children’s affinity credit card.

This children’s affinity credit card allows clients to pay for goods and services worldwide while supporting the needy, vulnerable and orphaned children. In South Africa, a significant percentage of the total purchases with a Nedbank children affinity credit card is donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund on a monthly basis.

The children’s affinity credit card comes with great features such as freedom to charge travel expenses on the credit card, interest is earned on any credit balance, it allows the client to monitor all transactions through a detailed monthly statement, you also qualify for gold status or supplementary credit cards, you can charge more expensive items to an extended credit account, you enjoy free insurance cover when paying for travel tickets with your credit card, you enjoy 55 days free credit, this card can also be used as an ATM card to draw cash 24 hours a day.

The Nedbank children affinity credit card is indeed a unique  charitable card. To access this card, Nedbank can be contacted on 0860555111 and trained consultants are always on hand to assist clients.