SA Motor Lease

SA Motor Lease business model is designed to help you if you are interested in rent-to-buy or leasing a car for a period of time.


SA Motor Lease makes it possible for you to have a vehicle without having to go through deep credit checks by banks. If you can afford to lease, then the vehicle will be made available to you. Owning a car should not be made difficult. Contracts are easy to understand and there are no hidden clauses at SA Motor Lease. Good deals on car rentals is what you can expect.


SA Motor Lease has a wide variety of cars for rent or lease. There is Chev Sparks, Polo Vivo’s, Kia Rio, Kia Picanto, Renault Sandero’s, Nissan Micra’s, Nissan Almera’s, SUV’s and Mercedes Benz for lease/rental. You as the customer you will choose which car best suits your lifestyle. Rental rates are very affordable and you won’t be charged an arm and a leg. Rentals have an advantage of paying less than a monthly installment. Businesses like film production that need cars for a film set can benefit from the rental rates of SA Motor Lease. Also other forms of business can use rentals to save money as opposed to buying a car that is a depreciating asset. Another option for open is rent-to-buy. You rent a car for the duration of the agreed months. At the end of the installment payment the car is transferred to your name for full ownership. Another innovative idea at SA Motor Lease is Uber car leasing. This allows you to lease a car and use it for uber. You will save lots of money compared to owning a car and using it for Uber. Being blacklisted does not mean you don’t have to drive a car. If you can pay the lease or rent-to-buy, your application will be considered.


  • Reasonable rental rates on vehicles.
  • Wide variety covering all types of vehicles.
  • Contracts are not complex but simple.
  • Top quality vehicles on offer.


You will need to have proper documentation with you when you apply for the vehicle lease or if you want a rent to by option. You also need to be employed full time to meet the running cost of the vehicle also the lease installments. Your age must be 20 years and older. The following are documents you will need:

  • Provide a valid South African Identity document.
  • Produce a driver’s license
  • An active South African bank account with monthly salary deposits.
  • Pay slips not older than 3 months.
  • Residential address not older than 3 months – or a utility bill.
  • An active cellphone number where you will be contacted.

The car lease contract runs for 48 months, however if you want to get out, you will not be restricted to do so.


For more information you can call any office during working hours and your questions will be attended to by a friendly consultant. Having a car is not a luxury but a matter of need. It’s a convenient lifestyle tool that makes it possible for you to commute from home to work. From work to holidays and weekend leisure trips.

Phone Number:
Johannesburg:  +27 11 640 5000
Cape Town: +27 21 386 2411
Port Elizabeth: +27 41 581 4904

Email us:

Port Elizabeth Office: 
54 Union Rd,
Walmer near Airport

Cape Town Office: 
Unit 6, Airport Business Park,
Cnr Michigan str & Borcherds Quarry rd,
Airport Industria

Johannesburg Office:
40, 14th Street
Marlboro North,


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