Fast Loan Applications

Fast Loan Applications works in record time to approve your loan. No long queues, no endless paperwork for application and no stress.


Fast Loan Application is a credit provider that recognizes that time is key in times of crisis. You don’t have all day, all week to wait to get a loan in an emergency. Fast Loan is the answer when you need cash as soon as yesterday. Fast loans makes it possible and you will have cash in your bank within 24 hours. When you have a crisis that can’t just wait you now know who to get in touch with.


Fast Loan Application is a facility that connects you with best leading credit providers at no cost. When you apply through Fast Loans, your application is sent to multiple credit lenders. The best offer is what you will get with this method of loan finding services. Offer on loans is quick. Fast Loans is a registered credit provider. The loan on offer are from R1 000 up to R20 000. Interest rate is at a minimum of 10.25% and maximum is 27.75%. Interest rate is calculated on your credit profile score. If you have a clear credit profile, your interest rate will be lower. The repayment differs per loan. The big loan has longer repayments can last up to 24 months. Giving you enough time to settle the loan.


  • Fast Loan Application is a registered credit provider.
  • Interest Rates are competitive.
  • Repayments period can be renegotiated.
  • Loans are approved within 24 hours when you qualify.


It’s easy to apply with Fast Loan, it is done online. The website has a form that you fill. For a successful loan application and approval, you need to meet a few conditions. You must be working full time and your salary must be a minimum of R3 000. You age must be 18 and not older than 65 years. All applications go through a process of verification and checks. This is to make sure of your identity and validate your credit capacity to pay the loan. You will need to have the following documentation with you when you apply:

  • 3 months bank statements where your salary is deposited.
  • Produce 3 months’ pay slips.
  • A copy of a valid South African ID book or card.
  • Proof of residence (utility bill) not less than 3 months
  • Working Cellphone number.
  • Email address where you can be reached.

All applications are confidential. Your information will be secured. The staff will process your application. When you are approved your loan will be made available to you within 24 hours. Every loan is designed to work for you. Any financial need you have, the cash will help you. From fixing houses to paying for trips, loans come in handy in time of want or need.


For more details on how to obtain a loan from Fast Loan Applications you can visit the website. If not sure a consultant will help you with any questions you have through an email. You can apply on the website any time. That is the advantage of online loan by Fast loan.


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