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Simple loan has a straight forward plan to debt ridden consumer. Are you owing different credit accounts and want to close them all at once? Is debt killing you?


Simple loan vision and mission is to see highly indebted credit consumers pay off their debtors. If you are over and above with debt it’s not the end of the world. Millions of South Africans are blacklisted because of not being able to pay off their loans. It’s a responsible consumer who wants to settle all small and big loans. Simple loan exists to help you if you want to pay off the debts.


Simple loan has a strategy to help you pay off your debts in one day. Debt consolidation loan is the credit solution on offer. There are few conditions you have to meet before Simple loan can offer assistance. Your debt must be R50 000 and above. Getting paid about R10 000 as a monthly salary is imperative. You must have good and clear credit record. A consolidation loan pays off all your debts in one day. All your small isolated debts are calculated and rolled into one. Then this payment is transferred to all the debts. You will be left with just one loan to settle, which is the consolidation loan. It’s not easy to come out of debt when you have credit cards, clothing accounts, cellphone account, bank overdraft and other debts. All these debts come with individual interest per account. When you skip one account few times during installment repayments you will be listed. A credit listing will hamper your chances of getting loans, especially from banks. If you don’t qualify for a consolidation loan, Simple loan offers debt management services. The service based on negotiating with your debtors to reduce interest on loans and structure a new repayments schedule.


  • Simple loans can save you up to 60% on interest.
  • Protection from being blacklisted or negative credit score.
  • Assets you own can be protected from repossession.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.


To qualify and receive consolidation loans you need to meet a few requirements. The main two being age and work. You must be at least 18 years old and you must be working earning enough to settle the consolidation loan. Your salary must be a minimum of R10 000 per month. You should be working full time and not part time. You must provide accurate information and you will need the following documents for application:

  • A working cell phone number.
  • A South African Identity Document (Book or Card).
  • Bank account where your salary is deposited into.
  • Produce last three months bank statements.
  • Produce the Latest pay slips.
  • Produce a proof of residential address.

All your information will be protected. Simple loan has helped numerous people pay off their debts through a consolidation loan.


For more information you can call Simple Loan during office hours. The consultants will guide you through what is most applicable solution is for you.

WhatsApp: 083 345 2776

Phone Number: 087 350 7122

Fax: 086 661 0860

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