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Carfin Vehicle Finance

If you are looking for reliable car finance company , look no further. Carfin for years has offered very affordable and flexible car finance. Buying a car is an exciting thing, holding car keys in you, walking towards the car and opening its doors. The smell of new leather and the feel of the steering wheel. The feeling you get when driving it to friends. Continue reading

Cash loans against cars

Cash loans against cars with We Pawn Vehicles

About We Pawn Vehicles

The only thing we can predict in life is its unpredictability. This unpredictability is usually a mix of highs and lows, the joys of a new child or a wedding or the stress of medical expenses or death. Often both these highs and lows come at a financial price that we can’t prepare for. That’s where We Pawn Vehicles comes in. Unlike asset loans that require you to hand over your vehicle or asset, We Pawn Vehicles will grant you a loan and allow you to continue driving your vehicle. In other words, they free up money against your car, so you can still drive it while you enjoy the benefits of a cash loan.
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Rent to buy cars for blacklisted

Lease to buy cars for blacklisted with SA Motor Lease

About SA Motor Lease

SA Motor Lease is a leading leasing business and rent-to-own company that specialises in helping people who need vehicles for more than 12 months.

This institution provides the option to own the vehicle at the end of the lease contract. In a world where expenses continue to soar, SA Motor Lease provides a simple way to get access to a vehicle even if you don’t own it. Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular option and SA Motor Lease is at the forefront of providing simple, easily-accessible leasing solutions. Continue reading

mfc car finance blacklisted

MFC car finance for bad credit

MFC- providing simple motor finance solutions

A division of Nedbank, MFC is specialises in smooth, frictionless motor finance. Offering vehicle finance in 6 easy steps, MFC also facilitates safe, secure and hassle-free private vehicle sales. Opting for vehicle finance is something that many South Africans choose when they want to buy a car. The reality is that cars are quite expensive in South Africa and not everyone can afford to buy them using cash upfront.
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vehicle assist rent to own cars

Rent to own cars for blacklisted – Vehicle Assist

Vehicle Assist is a financial institution that specialises in offering cars on take-over to bank declined clients countrywide.

The institution specialises in helping people with challenged credit, so there are no credit checks done for approval.
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Pawn Car Cash

Pawn your car and still drive it with Pawn Car Cash

Pawn Car Cash-providing flexible lines of credit

Pawn Car Cash is a leading financial services provider that specialises in offering fast, flexible finance to individuals. The unpredictable nature of life often means that we have to grapple with unexpected expenses that may arise occasionally. When you suddenly become ill and you have a medical bill to settle, it can be quite helpful getting assistance in the form of a short-term loan.
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Cape Auto Centre finance

Providing help for your vehicle finance needs – Cape Auto Centre is a family owned business that prides itself on providing excellent customer service. As 4×4, SUV and bakkie specialists, Cape Auto Centre extends its services even further. Vehicle finance is provided for private sales, blacklisted finance and used car refinancing.

Buying a car can be quite a costly experience. Not everyone can afford to buy a car using cash. Getting a loan to make this purchase can be helpful. Fortunately nowadays there are various ways for individuals to get access to this cash. Cape Auto Centre is one such institution and strives to help South Africans with their car finance needs.
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Bidvest vehicle finance – appropiate steps towards getting your car

Bidvest bank is a recognised financial and banking institution not just within South Africa but even beyond through the continent of Africa and other continents like Europe.The banks products and service diversity is what has given Bidvest the status of a giant.

One of those segments of the economy in which this banks influence has grown is in vehicle finance. Bidvest provides car finance to individuals who qualify or receive travel allowance for business reasons.
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ABSA Vehicle Finance – What you must know

ABSA – Most people will disagree on the fact that purchasing a vehicle is an investment just because it has become a necessity now. Regardless, purchasing a car is a huge decision given that a considerable sum is required particularly if it is an individual or family’s first car.

It is best to opt for a car financing company that builds a package around your needs so that the client does not have to work around the repayment schedule of the bank as it causes undue financial stress on the earning members of the family.

At ABSA not only do you get financial assistance in the form of loans but professional expertise is also offered in the form of legal assistance. ABSA may also recommend particular cars for you depending on your usage and budget. However, ABSA does not just cater to car buyers but also offers help to sellers who may need to maintain and spruce up their cars in order to receive the perfect bid price.


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