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Since the introduction of the Internet by the American Military for civilian use, it has expanded to an industry on its own. In fact almost all industries now depend on the internet for integrated business performance. All Fortune 500 companies and global ones have a big footprint online. The sector encapsulates almost all life and anything and everything can be found online. Software for such facilitation needs one that is proficient for processing data faster for better retail, research, data capturing, commerce, finance and more.

About Octagon finance

Octagon provides software for Fintech Industry, its strategic focus is on Software Development and Sales, Consulting for Credit & Loans management systems. The company has services for tracing. You can find software for credit risk management, the function of the software is for credit origination and verification loans management. Systems for credit and collections are key for the financial industry, it reduces time and energy to produce more effective solution based on software, and also it reduces the cost of working capital. The company is leading in this Fintech sector.

Octagon has provided systems and solutions to more than 3000 companies in the country.


  1. Criminal Record Searches This service focuses on criminal clearance. This is used by both the public and private sector to check if the consumer or potential employee has a criminal record.
  2. Tracing Services Octagon has access to a huge data base. Tracing is done economically and very fast.
  3. Software Development Any software coming to market or for an institution takes time to develop. This will need consultation, business analysis, design, development and implementation phase. Then there is software maintenance. The technology used is to be up to date and state of the art for total productivity.
  4. Manual and Batch Services This services is based on Account and ID verification, as well as Final Demand and Default Listing services. This is applicable when dealing with other businesses.

Products on offer


Credit Office – This is a cloud-based innovation for SMMEs. It covers reports from the three major bureaus, also a list of non-payers. You can also have access to the Deeds office for reports.

FRONTIER – This is an integrated credit application processing system. It comprises of various flexible solution. Through this, credit application and processing is simplified.

LOAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – This is a multi-user loan management system for transactions and management information. It’s made for Installment Debtors for banks, micro-lenders, financiers as well as retail institutions using installment sale.

For more information and if you need to arrange a meeting with Octagon you can call them during working hours. You can also view their website for comprehensive details on what they can offer you and the services they provide both for the private and public sector.

Octagon finance Contact Details

Tel: 27 (0) 11 847 9200
Fax: 27 (0) 11 847 9219
Office Hours are from 08:00 to 17:00
Website  : http://www.octagon.co.za

Address: Block A, 2nd floor Elite Office Park
748 Richards Drive
South Africa
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