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loan masters

Loan Masters

The process of applying for a loan can be sometimes a lengthy one, sitting in an office and signing different pages. However Loan Masters have an easy way that is fast and convenient.

About Loan Masters

Loan Masters are a credit lender that specializes in consolidation loans, bridging finance, debt consolidation for home owners and a wide range of financial products. It’s an online platform that allows borrowers to apply in the comfort of their home. Click here to apply online today !

Blacklisted Loans
The term blacklisted is a dreaded one, when you get blacklisted, your capacity to borrow money freezes, especially with big banks and established financial institutions. Banks will not even look at your application and your ability to pay back the loan. Continue reading

kamela cash loans

Kamela Quick Cash Loans

In life there are endless financial needs. You will have to pay utility bills, buy airtime or settle contract bill, buy groceries, pay school fees, pay transport fares, the list goes on. This could be your monthly budget. So what happens when something comes up you did not budget for? It may be an emergency or just that special at your favorite shop that comes once a year. What do you do to get a small to medium loan when something comes up that is not within your budget? In this case you need quick cash.
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SMC Loans

SMC Loans

Loans are necessary in today’s world to make ends meet. When facing a time of difficulty or just need it for celebration of life memorable moments such as throwing your only child a graduation party. To express joy and happiness for finishing one of life most important milestones. Loans are for emergencies but also for memories when you can’t afford.
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Ubuntu Administrators

Ubuntu Administrators

If you are suffocating due to debt and afraid of asset loss, there is hope. You can have a negative listing revoked. Finances are the core of most problems that people face every day. The situation is made worse if you can’t get help through access to credit or some way of temporal financial aid. In South Africa roughly more than 2 million people are blacklisted. 17 million are credit consumers. This means the way to financial freedom is not easy for the working majority of the country. When you are unable to pay, creditors will place a listing on your credit profile with the credit bureau. Getting credit will be a serious challenge for you. Application for loans or accounts will be declined.
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How to clear judgment

How to clear judgment from credit record

Did you know that a negative status on your credit record can stay up to 5 years by law? It’s clear that no one ought to be negligent when it comes to issues of credit. Financial prudence must be exercised when taking credit. As difficult as it may be to settle debts on time, its best done so that you won’t end up having judgment passed on your credit. Loaning out cash is simple, but the issue comes when it’s time to pay it back in the long term. Getting approved takes 15 to 30 minutes. But paying off the loan will take months. Depending on the type of loan you request, you may run out of steam to pay your debts. It’s crucial that you have disposable income to see you through every month, so that when cash is needed in an emergency you are prepaid. Continue reading

How to clear default listing from your credit record

A guide to remove the Default/Adverse listing(s) from your credit records.

Before the year 2007, consumers had limited rights. Companies used this limitation to their advantage. Things changed to better the consumer powers through the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 when it became law in July of 2007. Since the Act consumers have been slowly getting acquainted with their rights. The National Credit Regulator worked tirelessly to ensure that all credit providers and credit bureaus are informed with the law and rights consumers have. But there are still credit providers that are exploiting the consumer’s lack of awareness and purposefully transgress the law.
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debt review termination

Termination of debt review

Conditions under which a Debt Review can be Terminated and Removed from your Credit Bureau Profile

  1. Unsettled Accounts under debt review

An order of court debt review can only be rescinded by the court where the debt review originated. Meaning you can only do it thought the court by an application to the same court the review was made. Payments of installments will be made directly to the creditors when the debt review is rescinded. You can negotiate terms of payments with your creditors. When a debt review was not made an order of court, you should make an application to court and state your financial position stipulating that you are not in debt.
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credit card declined

Reasons for credit card being declined

Approval or Declining credit application is not solely based on Your Credit Profile. All Credit Providers in South Africa have structured own risk classification, risk management according to their business operational model. Credit providers employ different standards from Credit Bureau Score system and thus they usually have their own standard for a credit profile score. With that said, every credit provider is legally bound by the National Credit Act to check your Credit Profile before credit is given to the consumer. Also when credit is given, it is by law that the credit provider has to log in your details, the amount of credit requested and the duration term of payment.
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Carfin Vehicle Finance

If you are looking for reliable car finance company , look no further. Carfin for years has offered very affordable and flexible car finance. Buying a car is an exciting thing, holding car keys in you, walking towards the car and opening its doors. The smell of new leather and the feel of the steering wheel. The feeling you get when driving it to friends. Continue reading