Bidvest vehicle finance – appropiate steps towards getting your car

Bidvest bank is a recognised financial and banking institution not just within South Africa but even beyond through the continent of Africa and other continents like Europe.The banks products and service diversity is what has given Bidvest the status of a giant.

One of those segments of the economy in which this banks influence has grown is in vehicle finance. Bidvest provides car finance to individuals who qualify or receive travel allowance for business reasons.

The Bidvest vehicle finance offers assistance to clients in sourcing new vehicles at competitive prices, assistance to auction the vehicle after finishing the payments, comprehensive insurance arranged with the clients insurer of choice, roadside assistance etc.

Bidvest vehicle financeBidvest bank offers three different financing methods which are installment sale agreement, finance lease agreement and operating rental with maintenance plan.

Installment sale agreement – This is the option that caters for allowance receivers who are ready to finance their cars over a period of 60 months or more. Ownership under this facility kicks in automatically after the final payment and it has the flexibility of allowing big chunks of payment which helps to reduce the monthly installments.

Finance lease agreement -This plan is ideal for those who wish to pay for their car over a period of 60 months and below. It’s also more suitable for those who are ready to pay some deposit or include a balloon payment as part of the payment plan. Ownership also kicks in after the final payment.

Operating rental with maintenance plan – This is a recommended financing  facility for those who are looking at using the vehicle for a  period of time rather than taking ownership.This option provides the lowest cash outflow and allows the clients to avoid committing themselves to depreciating assets.

To apply for the Bidvest vehicle finance please call 0860111177.

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