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If you are looking for reliable car finance company , look no further. Carfin for years has offered very affordable and flexible car finance. Buying a car is an exciting thing, holding car keys in you, walking towards the car and opening its doors. The smell of new leather and the feel of the steering wheel. The feeling you get when driving it to friends. This experience is what Carfin will help you fully realize.

A call center has been set up and trained staff will give you professional advice and online support.

Authority in Vehicle Finance in South Africa

Carfin is recognized by its peers in the industry as one of the leading player with finance products designed around the customer. There are number of options you can choose, this puts you in the driver’s seat.

Benefits of choosing Carfin

Carfin operates across South Africa. It offers car finance and refinancing. You can access loans to help you procure any vehicle you aspire to have. You can also get loans to refinance your existing loan. Getting car finance is very simple with Carfin for new or pre owned cars.

Asset Finance – Car, Boat, Motorbike and Carvan

Vehicle financial solutions are not the only thing on offer. There is a variety of asset related finance available. Motorbike and Caravan are also financed by Carfin. You don’t have to go to another institution for a different asset loan. Carfin will assist you in with your purchase of assets beyond cars.
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Carfin Finance Options

The first option is installment agreement. This is when a buyer and lender enter into a contract that has a fixed loan term agreed upon. This is usually negotiated to benefits both parties. A popular product is car refinancing, it allows for flexible and affordable repayments of the current loan.


  • Loan term maximum 60 months
  • Average processing time 24 hours
  • Online application
  • Secured loan option

Acquiring Vehicle Finance with Carfin

Carfin has innovative system of loan pre approval. It takes only 15 seconds to find out if you can access loan for vehicle. The benefit of the system is that you can see which type of vehicle you will qualify for. The Carfin website is centered on providing help to customers. It also has an online loan application process that is simple you use. In minutes you will be able to complete the application form.

Types of Vehicles for Finance

Popular cars for South Africans are sedans, hatchbacks and 4X4. Carfin has made good deals for its customers looking to buy such cars. The finance does not stop there. New and pre owned vehicles are also financed, however Carfin does not offer finance for vehicles and bikes that are more than 10 years old.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Employed full-time
  • Self-employed
  • Credit check
  • Valid identity document
  • Utility bill or other (proof of address)
  • Bank statements or payslips (proof of income)

Carfin Contact Details
Tel: 0861 227 346
Physical Address: Untit 21 and 22, Lombardy Business Park, C/o Lynnwood Road and Cole Road, Johannesburg, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa
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