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FNB Vehicle Finance

FNB offers various kinds of financing for vehicles. Individuals in South Africa can buy their cars from dealers that FNB connects with or even opt for simple financing and shop for a car on their own. Financing is also available for leisure or luxury cars that many people may not be able to afford but obviously yearn for. Thus FNB is there to fulfill your wishes.

Under the dealership financing scheme, variable and fixed interest rates are available depending on the debtor’s preference. Vehicles that are up to 10 years old can be financed under this scheme and the application status is available almost instantaneously for the debtor’s perusal.

Similar terms and conditions are available for the private financing scheme but individuals can always ask FNB to assist in the registration of the vehicle to make things easier.
As a convenience, South Africans can apply for the loan online or through the numerous branches of FNB in the country.

FNB Vehicle Finance for blacklisted

Tel: 0860 FNB CAR (362227)
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