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Why do you need Consumer Wise debt counselling? Well picture this: “It’s just 1 pair of shoes, oh and that dress looks so cute, oh my goodness I have to have that pair of pants and they will definitely go well with that beautiful lilac top. Okay, that’s all I can’t overspend this month not again, oh my goodness that purse is a must have!” Sound familiar? Thousands of people go through the very same mental dialogue every month all across South Africa. It may not be specific to clothing but it is very similar with different items as the subject matter. If not monitored the subject matter may easily become the torrent waves of debt you find yourself drowning in.

ABOUT Consumer Wise Debt Counselling

Consumer Wise Debt counselling has been operating like a well-oiled machine since 2008 and since then the company has made it their top priority that its clients not only benefit from their services but that the clients have a chance at regaining their financial freedom once again. The company makes use of the “fair share” principal which has given them a great relationship with credit providers. The company has branches across South Africa making their services accessible to all South Africans.

Service and benefits

The company offers the innovative services of debt counselling which are different and better than the traditional methods of administration and sequestration. Debt counselling ensures that the client will have the opportunity to return to the credit market in a healthier manner that will restructure their credit score. The company has 6 simple steps in their debt counselling procedure that is sure to put your finances back on track.

Step 1: It is your responsibility as a consumer that is finding it difficult to cope with your financial responsibility to accept your situation and that you need assistance. The company is here to assist you so reach out to them and they will be more than happy to offer their services to you.

Step 2: Visit one of their branches for that face to face encounter where one of the consultants will conduct an assessment on your credit standing. The consultant will look at your income, that of your partner should you be married and your monthly debt obligations in order to come to a precise conclusion.

Step 3: The consultant go through your budget and your debt commitments. The consultant will then draft a new budget with the amount that is to be allocated to your creditors. An interim repayment plan will be set out and all costs will be divulged to you.

Step 4: The consultant will then call all your creditors informing them that you have applied for debt counselling. You will be listed on the credit bureaus to indicate that you are under debt counselling and the listing will be removed once the debt is settled.

Step 5: Your creditors will receive a Form 17.2 letter with a drafted repayment proposal and once the creditors accept the proposed repayment a consent order will be ordered from the national consumer tribunal. The plan will be submitted to the magistrate’s court should the creditors reject the proposed plan.

Step 6: The repayment plan will be submitted to the payment distribution agency which will ensure that you receive a single debt payment order that will pay back all your creditors on a monthly basis. This will be the order of events until the debt has been paid off.


TEL: 0861 BEST DC (237 832)


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