Credit Shop loans

Credit Shop loans

Leading loan-finding services from Credit Shop

When unexpected expenses arise, more people are turning to personal loans to get through the month.

The good news is that people now have more options available. Traditional lending institutions are no longer the only source of credit that people can rely on for their extra finance needs. More micro lenders are available in the financial industry in South Africa.

About Credit Shop

Credit Shop is a leading loan-finding service that has partnered with 2 big banks, 2 micro lenders and 2 payday lenders in an effort to provide easily accessible and affordable loan solutions.
Operated by Money Shop and Olico (Pty) Ltd, Credit Shop provides access to various loan solutions.

Services provided by Credit Shop

Personal loans of up to R150 000 are provided through the services of Credit Shop. Instead of having to sift through multitudes of loan providers’ finance offers, individuals can rely on the services of loan-finding solutions. Institutions such as Credit Shop do all the hard work of collecting applications and the relevant paperwork and applying to specific loan providers to suit the unique needs of applicants.

Debt consolidation loans are also offered. Ideal for when you want to ease up your cash flow and reduce your monthly credit payments, these loans are easily accessible through Credit Shop. Through this type of loan, debts are consolidated into a one monthly payment. These loans are designed to assist individuals who are struggling to keep up with debt repayments. By undergoing a process of debt consolidation you are able to reduce your monthly credit payments. This helps to ease up your cash flow and may result in you paying a lower overall interest rate.

How to apply for Credit Shop Loans:

Simply visit the website and fill in an easy 2 minute application form

The prequalification process is quick and simple

Have these documents handy when applying:

  • Latest payslips
  • Latest bank statements
  • Valid South African ID

Improvements in technology have had various effects on the financial industry. More individuals are able to access loans by simply searching online. Banks are no longer the main sources of credit.
Credit Shop offers a free loan-finding service, so you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant fees for the service. The service is free to use.
Loans are pre-qualified usually on the same day, so you won’t have to wait too long to know the outcome of your application.

Credit Shop works with multiple lenders. The institution does all the hard work of ensuring that your loan application is directed towards the right lender for your unique needs.
Applicants have access to loan amounts of between R1000 and R150 000. How much you qualify for will be largely dependent on your affordability.

Credit Shop has 20 000 happy clients per month. The institution is a trusted and reliable loan-finder.

Applications can be processed online or telephonically.
Once approved for the loan, you have the freedom to use the loan however you choose.

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