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Miloc Micro Cash Loans Paarl South Africa

Micro lending is also known as peer to peer lending that works within a peer to peer economy. Over the years micro lending has grown and its advancement has brought a revolution to the financial sector. Micro lending or micro credit is a loan that is relatively small in amount that is provided by individuals instead of banks or credit unions. These kinds of loans can be provided by one individual or by a collective number of people who each contribute a certain amount to the total amount available for the loan. Micro loans have been used thoroughly and successfully in third world countries and in South Africa the well-known Stokvel is a great example of a micro finance.

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Micro lending is a great way to boost your bank account when you are in the need for a quick cash fix. Think about it; when you have to fix your fridge because the thermostat gave in or when your little one needs those soccer boots in the middle of the year because that’s his favourite sport now or when you need to send money back home for an emergency; a micro loan is a quick and great solution for any unforeseen emergency that can be quickly patched up with a little cash injection.

The rise of 21st century technology has seen micro lending increase through the use of the internet. Now lenders and borrowers can find each other online and Miloc Paarl is one of the best Micro Credit providers in South Africa. We at Miloc Paarl are a registered microlender and we make it our priority to give all of our client service through integrity, honesty and reliability. When you as a client apply for a micro loan through us, you will be treated uniquely according to your own financial circumstance. We will guide you thoroughly throughout the application process and further assist you with managing your finances so that you make all your payments on time according to what has been established and agreed upon by both you and us.

With Miloc Micro Cash Loans you can be granted a cash loan from R300 up to R10 000 depending on how much you need and how much you can afford to repay on a monthly basis. You can also be granted a medium term loan of R10 000 which you can pay back over a period of 3 or 6 months. At Miloc we also accommodate the elderly; a pensioner can get our Pensioner loans of R1 000 or up to R3 000. The great thing about Miloc Micro Cash Loans is that your credit scoring will not be a hindrance to the approval of your loan. We approve many loans to clients that have been blacklisted because we treat a client’s situation individualistically on what they are able to afford. So don’t hesitate to apply for one of our loans even though you may have a low credit score.

In order to apply for a loan; all you’ll need to supply is the following:

  • South African ID.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Recent salary slip.
  • 3 months bank statement.

Miloc loans Contacts:

To contact Loan Happy, one can send an email to or call 021 872 7720.
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