mashonisa loans

Get a loan this January with Mashonisa loans

A financial boost to the year with Mashonisa loans

Have you ever felt as though the walls were closing in on you when you looked at all the debit orders that literally take money out of your bank account at each month end? A little anger here a little bitterness there and then you try by all means to console yourself with all the thoughts of responsibility that you can muster within the space of 60 seconds. Yes, we’ve all certainly been down that road a couple of times before. With all the financial strain that most South African’s go through; it’s no wonder that they would feel that the economy is crashing into them mercilessly. Imagine having to keep up with all your financial obligations and then your geyser starts to leak or the engine of your car starts to act up, plus your fridge just won’t go cold anymore. What a nightmare right? Not with Mashonisa loans at your service.
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ics loans

ICS Loans – simplifying the finance process

For many people who may be looking to access a loan, the simple way may often be through a loan-finding service. By opting for such a service, individuals can save time and money. Instead of having to submit details to multiple loan providers, there are financial institutions that specialise in providing this service. With the multitude of loan providers available on the market, it may be challenging to find the right solution for your needs. By using a loan-finding service you can simplify the loan process. ICS Credit Loan Assist is one such service provider.
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Rent to buy cars for blacklisted

Lease to buy cars for blacklisted with SA Motor Lease

About SA Motor Lease

SA Motor Lease is a leading leasing business and rent-to-own company that specialises in helping people who need vehicles for more than 12 months.

This institution provides the option to own the vehicle at the end of the lease contract. In a world where expenses continue to soar, SA Motor Lease provides a simple way to get access to a vehicle even if you don’t own it. Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular option and SA Motor Lease is at the forefront of providing simple, easily-accessible leasing solutions. Continue reading

Kopano Kwik Cash loans

Kopano Kwik Cash loans

Have you ever had a really tough month with so many financially demanding circumstances pulling you in all directions? We hope for your sake that this does not happen to you each and every single month but for those months where you are out of cash and desperately need it to fix a burst pipe, a leaking fridge or when you need to fix your car or pay for your little one’s school excursion; you’ll need somewhere you can turn to for a bit of a financial boost. A lot of South African’s find themselves in situations such as these more so than often and that is why we at Kopano Kwik Cash have firmly established ourselves in the South African financial market as a short term loan provider.

About Kopano Kwik Cash loans

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Tshelete Thuso cash loans

Tshelete Thuso cash loans

It can be so frustrating having to deal with school fees, groceries, rent, car instalment, you name it and then things just keep falling apart as if money grows on trees. Well if you are currently experiencing such a situation, Tshelete Thuso cash loans knows exactly how you feel and that is why they have developed short term cash loans to assist you with you during financial difficulties.
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miloc loans

Miloc Micro Cash Loans

Miloc Micro Cash Loans Paarl South Africa

Micro lending is also known as peer to peer lending that works within a peer to peer economy. Over the years micro lending has grown and its advancement has brought a revolution to the financial sector. Micro lending or micro credit is a loan that is relatively small in amount that is provided by individuals instead of banks or credit unions. These kinds of loans can be provided by one individual or by a collective number of people who each contribute a certain amount to the total amount available for the loan. Micro loans have been used thoroughly and successfully in third world countries and in South Africa the well-known Stokvel is a great example of a micro finance.
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Loan Happy

Get a loan this festive period with Loan Happy credit

Simple and convenient loan-finding service from Loan Happy

For many individuals who may be looking for access to extra cash during financially-challenging months, qualifying for a personal loan may provide the ultimate solution. While applying for a loan can sometimes be tricky, loan finding services have made this process much easier.

Loan Happy is one such loan-finding service provider.

About Loan Happy

A nationwide brokerage, Loan Happy provides clients with a simple, easy and open way to get access to a personal loan. With access to several, nationally-recognised lending partners, this financial institution provides clients with a convenient way to apply for a personal loan. By simply providing details online, clients may have access to a multitude of loans from various lenders that are affiliated with Loan Happy.
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Norufin housing loans

Build your home with Norufin housing loans: developmental credit provider

Introducing Norufin Housing Loans; they are a registered developmental credit provider. Making it a priority to get you into your dream house, it may not be overlooking a Miami kind of beach but it will definitely be built according to your desire and will give you the peace of mind that comes with owning your own house. They offer our clients developmental finance for housing and any other housing related practices to both the informal and formal earners who live anywhere in the urban areas or rural areas across South Africa.
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Loans for poor affordability

Loans for poor affordability with Lightning Loans

A loan is something that may scare you but when used wisely it actually has a great effect on your financial well being. Many of us can relate to the sting of the economy in South Africa. The cost of living is going higher and higher while our salaries remain stagnant. In order to make ends meet we all try finding something on the side to create some cash flow; some try baking, sewing or getting a weekend job. Unfortunately the little extra cash that we make on the side is just that; little despite all our efforts so finding ourselves drowning in debt is not very uncommon at all.
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debt therapy consolidation loans

Debt Therapy – consolidation loans for bad credit 2018

About Debt Therapy

Therapy for your debt? What on earth is that? Will your debt have therapy sessions with a counsellor making sure that it reduces its tight grip on you? Well that’s exactly what we intend to do for you at Debt Therapy. How are we going to achieve this you may ask? The pinch of the economy is felt by so many South African’s. When the school fees increase, the bond payment goes up, the car breaks down and your little bambino falls ill all of a sudden; it only makes sense that you try to alleviate your financial burdens by buying other things on credit such as clothing, furniture and perhaps your groceries too. The trouble is that you find the debt piling up and up instead of going down. This can leave you frustrated, stressed and anxious; this is where we come in. Continue reading