Credit Cards for Blacklisted People

Available Credit Cards for Blacklisted People

The rapidly declining financial market has left many South Africans blacklisted by companies and in due course affected their entire financial lives. This often means that they are unable to purchase from certain businesses, get new credit cards and in some instances unable to seek legal advice (basically stopping you from living).

Luckily, being blacklisted no longer suggests that your life has to come to an end. Forward-thinkers and innovators have come up with a way for blacklisted individuals to still enjoy being part of a paperless environment with a prepaid credit card.
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Acknowledgement of Debt Letters

Acknowledgement of Debt Letters

Difficult times have struck in the economy and this means our pockets have felt the nail-tipped pinch. Everything has become increasingly expensive, and financial troubles have become the norm. Seemingly, the debt man is putting in overtime at the gym – he is now bigger and scarier than ever.

Many people are in denial about their financial situations and only realize the extremity when the red taped letter is slotted through the post box. The dreaded ‘private and confidential’ letter, often leaves people so stressed that they ignore the letters and their financial situations, which leaves them in worse off positions than they were before.

Understanding the causes of debt?

The first step in tackling debt is looking at what caused it, and generally debt may be the result one of one the following;
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Loanzie cash loans

Loanzie wants to come to your financial rescue when you unfortunately have to experience a bad month due to budget constraints. We can all agree that the South African economy has a knack of making some of our salaries play hide and seek. As soon as the money comes in; it literally vanishes with all those debit orders. It can be quite frustrating not being able to make ends meet once month end comes rolling in. Loanzie wants to assist you so that when those unforeseen expenses slap you across the face; you’ll be well prepared to take care of them. The most important thing is that you are in the position to meet all your financial obligations as soon as they come knocking and what better way to do that than with the assistance of Loanzie?
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Loan Detector SA

Loan Detector SA

Are you looking at starting your very own business? Do you have that hunger to be your own boss, be successful and make a difference in people’s lives? If you answered yes to that question your response may have had an uncertain under tone because the big elephant in the room is the money thing right? Well not with Loan Detector SA. You can spread your wings and soar knowing that you are more than eligible to obtain a loan and take your business to great heights but wait; maybe you just need a little extra cash to do that financial management course so you can climb up that corporate ladder or you want to let your hair down and go on an exotic holiday? You can do that too, no matter what your needs are you can trust Loan Detector SA to give you the best solution for your financial needs.
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finance man loans

Finance Man loans SA

Finance Man understands that living in South Africa can be a joy and a burden on your wallet at times. Most people can attest to the bitter sweet financial reality that all South Africans face on a daily basis. Feeling drained and desperate all at once is a very normal experience due to the demanding and fast paced lives that are lived by most South Africans. Finance Man is here to alleviate some if not most of the stress that most of us feel due to the overwhelming financial strain we may found ourselves in from time to time or even on a daily occasion.
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Consumer Wise debt finance

Consumer Wise Finance Debt Counselling

Why do you need Consumer Wise debt counselling? Well picture this: “It’s just 1 pair of shoes, oh and that dress looks so cute, oh my goodness I have to have that pair of pants and they will definitely go well with that beautiful lilac top. Okay, that’s all I can’t overspend this month not again, oh my goodness that purse is a must have!” Sound familiar? Thousands of people go through the very same mental dialogue every month all across South Africa. It may not be specific to clothing but it is very similar with different items as the subject matter. If not monitored the subject matter may easily become the torrent waves of debt you find yourself drowning in.

ABOUT Consumer Wise Debt Counselling

Consumer Wise Debt counselling has been operating like a well-oiled machine since 2008 and since then the company has made it their top priority that its clients not only benefit from their services but that the clients have a chance at regaining their financial freedom once again. The company makes use of the “fair share” principal which has given them a great relationship with credit providers. The company has branches across South Africa making their services accessible to all South Africans.
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first time home loans south africa

First time Home Loan Applicant in South Africa

Are you a first time applicant for a home loan? There is a reason to smile because the financial well-being of the South African industries is showing signs of improving.

As such, quite a number of financial institutions have lowered their loan requirements and are now giving more finance to home buyers. The change in the financial well-being has also caused banks to give 100% finance to people who are intending to get home loans. In as much as banks have relaxed the requirements, quire a number of South Africans are finding it hard to successfully apply for a loan even as an individual or with a partner.
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Cash loans against cars

Cash loans against cars with We Pawn Vehicles

About We Pawn Vehicles

The only thing we can predict in life is its unpredictability. This unpredictability is usually a mix of highs and lows, the joys of a new child or a wedding or the stress of medical expenses or death. Often both these highs and lows come at a financial price that we can’t prepare for. That’s where We Pawn Vehicles comes in. Unlike asset loans that require you to hand over your vehicle or asset, We Pawn Vehicles will grant you a loan and allow you to continue driving your vehicle. In other words, they free up money against your car, so you can still drive it while you enjoy the benefits of a cash loan.
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Loan Company

Asset loans with The Loan Company

In the current economic climate, it can be difficult to keep up with the costs of day-to-day living, let alone the bigger expenses that life can throw at us like school fees, weddings, medical bills, funerals, or car and house repairs. These costs are often unexpected and can lay ruin to even the most prudent financial plans. However, there’s no need to start selling off your assets to meet financial demands. Instead, take out an asset loan with The Loan Company, a privately owned and registered credit provider.

How does it work?

The Loan Company specialises in asset loans from R5,000 to R500,000 which can be paid off in a 61–90 day period. Asset loans are loans that are administered to the value of, and in exchange for, collateral assets. Put simply, this means that you can use your paid-off assets as surety for your loan. The more valuable your asset, the more you can borrow. Then once you have repaid your loan and associated interest and fees, you get your asset back. It’s as simple as that.

>h2>What assets can I use, and will they be safe?

The Loan Company accepts paid-off cars, motorcycles, bakkies, trucks, boats, trailers, jewellery, and properties in exchange for loans. During the loan period, these assets are kept in a secure, locked up storage facility with 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance.

How do I qualify and how do I apply?

All you need to apply is a fully paid off asset and the relevant documentation. The Loan Company aims to assist those who have difficulty accessing loans through conventional channels, so even if you are blacklisted or have had credit issues in the past, they will be able to help you.

The first step to applying for a loan with The Loan Company is to select an asset in your name that is completely paid off. Next, you can apply online by filling in the form at or by calling The Loan Company on 079 159 4389. They will then determine the size of your loan against the value of your assets and make you an offer. If you accept this offer, you will be required to visit their offices in Pretoria with your ID and driver’s licence, proof of address, your original registration document (NATIS), and both sets of keys and your service book, etc. (in the case that you are using your vehicle). Bring your asset in for evaluation along with this documentation and complete the relevant forms. Your money will be transferred directly into your account while you wait. Once you have paid off the loan and interest, you can collect your asset from The Loan Company’s office.

That’s simple, efficient service at its best. For more information call them on 087 654 4868, SMS “LOAN” to 079 159 4389, or drop them an email at

asset loans

mas finance loans

Long term loans for blacklisted – MAS Financial Services

Convenience and affordability are the key values to consider when assessing a customer service experience. And what can be more convenient than being able to solve all your financial needs in one place, at affordable prices? MAS Financial Services is a single-source financial services provider. This means that they provide a broad range of services to meet all your financial needs no matter what your credit record. All you need to do is visit their website and upload a copy of your ID, latest payslip, proof of residence and three months’ bank statements to be considered for one of their excellent services.

Bridging finance from MAS Financial Services

MAS Financial Services’ bridging finance solutions are custom-designed for industrious individuals, homeowners, businesses and property developers. With this service, MAS will collect your details and pass them on to approved and recommended bridge finance specialists in your area who will contact you with their best offer. Bridge finance extends to capital for inventory, renovation, equipment or taxes as well as arranging mortgage bonds, property loans, property development finance and a range of other financial services in the commercial property sector.
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