Clothing accounts for blacklisted people

Getting blacklisted is one aspect no one wishes to be done on them as it restricts you from having access to some of the benefits given to South Africans by certain financial institutions and retails across the country. For one to get blacklisted, they would have dodged paying accounts hence their credit profiles makes them undesirable to get services such as loans, house bonds, cell phone contracts you name it.
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student Loans for blacklisted

Instant student Loans for blacklisted

About student Loans for blacklisted

Instant Blacklisted Loans is a provider of loans to individuals earning a salary as well as those who are self-employed. If you are a student you can rely on the student loans offered by Instant Blacklisted Loans to help finance your tuition, which can easily run into tens of thousands of rands.

The lender provides instant loans to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably without too much strain on their monthly budgets. During the application process an affordability assessment will indicate whether individuals are likely to be approved or not.
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online loans

Online loans South Africa

Benefits of Online loans

When unexpected costs arise, such as an emergency medical bill, having access to instant online loans in South Africa can be ideal. The rise in popularity of micro lending institutions has also made online loans a popular choice for many people looking for fast access to cash.

In today’s highly competitive world, many borrowers have the privilege of being able to apply for a loan in the comfort of their own homes. Online loans are also generally available 24/7, which makes it easy to access them at any time of the day. All individuals need are reliable computers, access to a secure network and knowledge of which lender to choose.
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5min loans

5 min loans South Africa

Access multiple loans through 5 min loans South Africa

In a world where consumers have limitless options in terms of financial institutions and financial products and services, having access to personal loans can be quite beneficial.

About 5 min loan South Africa
5 min loans South Africa are authorised loan brokers who work with South Africa’s top credit providers. The institution assists clients nationwide, 24/7. The service is also free to use. Continue reading

Credit Shop loans

Credit Shop loans

Leading loan-finding services from Credit Shop

When unexpected expenses arise, more people are turning to personal loans to get through the month.

The good news is that people now have more options available. Traditional lending institutions are no longer the only source of credit that people can rely on for their extra finance needs. More micro lenders are available in the financial industry in South Africa.

About Credit Shop

Credit Shop is a leading loan-finding service that has partnered with 2 big banks, 2 micro lenders and 2 payday lenders in an effort to provide easily accessible and affordable loan solutions.
Operated by Money Shop and Olico (Pty) Ltd, Credit Shop provides access to various loan solutions.
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Dryk Financial Services loans

Dryk Financial Services loans

Access loans for blacklisted individuals through Dryk Financial Services

Having access to credit can offer a convenient solution to finance in cases of emergency. It can also make it easier to buy big-ticket items, with the added benefit of being able to repay it over a number of months.

If you have been blacklisted, then the chances that a credit provider will extend you further credit are highly unlikely. The term “blacklisted” is quite general. It could be related to having an account in arrears or possibly having a judgement against you.

Even if you settle your outstanding debts, your credit profile remains tainted with the blacklisting. Credit providers will be aware that you may be listed as a slow payer or that you have missed payments or have failed to repay a debt. This makes you a high risk client and you may be charged higher interest rates as a result.
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ReaThusa Loans

So you were packing for the holidays when you remembered that you actually need to fix your car’s radiator. How on earth did you miss that? Well maybe because you weren’t using the SUV this month because you had to get the radiator flushed out and you decided to use your little run around vehicle until you got the radiator completely fixed but it appears that you have conveniently forgotten all about it and now it’s only 2 days before you drive down to the Cape with the kids. Quite the emergency you have on hand. Not only are you running out of time but your budget is set and locked away neatly in its compartments so where on earth are you going to get the money for that radiator? Well have no fear ReaThusa Loans is here.
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mashonisa loans

Get a loan this January with Mashonisa loans

A financial boost to the year with Mashonisa loans

Have you ever felt as though the walls were closing in on you when you looked at all the debit orders that literally take money out of your bank account at each month end? A little anger here a little bitterness there and then you try by all means to console yourself with all the thoughts of responsibility that you can muster within the space of 60 seconds. Yes, we’ve all certainly been down that road a couple of times before. With all the financial strain that most South African’s go through; it’s no wonder that they would feel that the economy is crashing into them mercilessly. Imagine having to keep up with all your financial obligations and then your geyser starts to leak or the engine of your car starts to act up, plus your fridge just won’t go cold anymore. What a nightmare right? Not with Mashonisa loans at your service.
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ics loans

ICS Loans – simplifying the finance process

For many people who may be looking to access a loan, the simple way may often be through a loan-finding service. By opting for such a service, individuals can save time and money. Instead of having to submit details to multiple loan providers, there are financial institutions that specialise in providing this service. With the multitude of loan providers available on the market, it may be challenging to find the right solution for your needs. By using a loan-finding service you can simplify the loan process. ICS Credit Loan Assist is one such service provider.
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Rent to buy cars for blacklisted

Lease to buy cars for blacklisted with SA Motor Lease

About SA Motor Lease

SA Motor Lease is a leading leasing business and rent-to-own company that specialises in helping people who need vehicles for more than 12 months.

This institution provides the option to own the vehicle at the end of the lease contract. In a world where expenses continue to soar, SA Motor Lease provides a simple way to get access to a vehicle even if you don’t own it. Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular option and SA Motor Lease is at the forefront of providing simple, easily-accessible leasing solutions. Continue reading