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Loans from Shoprite with MFIN Cash

Shoprite is one of South Africa’s best loved grocery stores. They are always pretty easy to find and their prices are always cost effective, aimed at saving you money while giving you value from their products and services. A few years ago Shoprite came up with an innovative idea; Money Transfer. Their Money Market services became a relief to their customers because not only could their customers get their hands on their amazing product offerings but they could also send or receive money through the service offering that Shoprite developed specifically for their customer’s convenience.

How to get a Shoprite loan

Shoprite loan MFIN cashNow Shoprite has taken their services a step further by offering their customers MFIN Cash Loans. That’s right you can actually borrow money from Shoprite and since Shoprite is known for their convenience and cost effective deliverables; the MFIN cash loan is an added reflection of convenience and added value for your money. It is so easy to apply for the loan at Shoprite, all you need is your ID document and you can expect to receive a response within 15 minutes and get approval within 24 hours should you qualify for the loan. MFIN will be in contact with you to fill out the application for your loan and once approved the money will be deposited straight into your bank account.

So what do I need to have in order to qualify for the loan you may be asking; all you need is:

  • A Valid South African ID Document.
  • Be 18 years old and above.
  • Be permanently employed.
  • Three months salary slips.

The money will be yours and you are free to spend it however you want to spend it. MFIN Cash loans offer customers loans of up to R7 500. All you need to do is visit your local Shoprite to apply and get your cash loan today. The MFIN cash loan was developed for people who need extra cash to meet their financial obligations or for people who have just had an unforeseen emergency that needs financial attention immediately.

shoprite money market loans

Shoprite money market loans

With the MFIN Loan you have nothing to worry about at all because it is registered with the National Credit Regulator and therefore it subscribes to the National credit Act No. 34 of 2005. Signing up for an MFIN loan means that you are not currently over indebted in order for you to be approved for the loan and you are not under sequestration or debt review. The information that you supply to Shoprite must be valid and true. The MFIN loan will be tailor-made according to your needs and your capability to pay back the loan amount with the interest incurred. Payments will be expected to be made on a monthly basis based on how much money you have taken out from the MFIN loan.

So now you know that you are secured when you take out a personal loan through Shoprite services, it’s quick and easy to apply for and you can get that extra cash to assist you here and there financially, visit Shoprite today.

how to apply shoprite loan

how to apply for a Shoprite loan

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