Blacklisted Car Finance South Africa

Blacklisted Car Finance South Africa

In the harsh economic environment we find ourselves living in it’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with rising costs. Daily expenses are costing more while salaries stay the same. It’s no wonder that some people have fallen behind on their credit payments and have found themselves blacklisted as a result.

What does it mean to be blacklisted?
Being blacklisted essentially means that your credit rating is very poor. This may be as a result of missed payments and various other credit defaults. Credit providers report your missed payments to the credit bureau and your credit score is adversely affected as a result. By not settling your debts with the parties you owe your credit score is lowered even further.

Being blacklisted is one of the most inconvenient financial situations to be in. Not only is your credit record tarnished, but you also have to face the reality of being denied access to credit by most mainstream lending institutions. If you were hoping to get access to car finance from a bank, you can give up on that idea.

Fortunately there are lending institutions that specialise in offering blacklisted car finance.

More about Blacklisted Car Finance:

Blacklisted Car Finance is an institution that doesn’t rely on your credit history to determine whether to grant your car finance or not.

Even if you have a poor credit rating, Blacklisted Car Finance can still help you out if you meet their minimum criteria.

Their Rent-to-Buy programme makes it easier for you to get a car.

Blacklisted Car Finance – What are the qualifying criteria?

  • Have a minimum deposit of R15 000
  • Have a gross monthly income of R12 000 or higher
  • Have a valid South African drivers’ licence
  • Provide a recent payslip
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide your latest3 months’ bank statements

Why choose Blacklisted Car Finance?

There are no middle-men to deal with.

You have the option to terminate the contract before the 54 month period is over.

You have access to an unlimited selection of quality pre-tested pre-owned vehicles

You have the benefit of fixed payments. This helps you with budgeting every month, as you’ll know exactly how much is due to be paid every month.

There is no mileage limit.

At the end of the set rental period, you have the option of either returning the vehicle or keeping it. You also have the option to upgrade to a better car model.

There is no need to get bank-assisted finance approval. As long as you can prove affordability, you are guaranteed to get the best from Blacklisted Car Finance.

With branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Blacklisted Car Finance is able to provide assistance to clients nationwide.

Contact Blacklisted Car Finance by calling:

011 823-2750 or 021 763-1260



S4 Auto Building
Cnr North Rand Road & Wiek Road
Boksburg, Johannesburg
Phone: 011 823 2750


NFC Head Office
153 North Rand Road,
Boksburg, Johannesburg
Phone: 011 823 2750


22 Main Road,
Cape Town
Phone: 021 763 1260


218-222 Koeberg Road
Rugby, Cape Town
Phone: 021 503 5300


218-222 Koeberg Road
Rugby, Cape Town
Phone: 021 503 5300

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