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Southern Mobile Low ITC Contracts- simple and easily accessible

About Southern Mobile

Southern Mobile is a financial services provider that gives you the option to purchase a two year cell phone contract by paying upfront (cash, credit card or layby). There are no credit checks and the institution is concerned with providing you easy and convenient access to mobile options when you need them most.

Powered by Mobile4u since 200, Southern Mobile is a specialist provider of mobile solutions for individuals who may have a bad credit record.

While many network providers won’t take a risk on blacklisted individuals, Southern Mobile provides Low ITC Contracts.

In order to qualify for these contracts, applicants need to have been employed for at least three months. They also need to be earning a minimum salary of R3500 monthly.

What Services are provided by Southern Mobile?

Southern Mobile is a leading institution with the passion to get people with low ITC credit record connected. In a world that shuns individuals with poor credit records, Southern Mobile promises to offer these individuals convenient access to mobile services.

It also strives to provide top quality products nationwide.

Cell contracts for low ITC and the benefits of choosing Southern Mobile?

Southern Mobile specialises in providing assistance for individuals with low credit records. If you have been blacklisted you may have a tough time getting access to credit solutions.  While having the credit can be quite helpful, especially in cases of emergency, equally important is making sure that you service the debt on time. Many people struggle financially due to unexpected expenses or job losses. This may lead to defaulting on scheduled payments.

The reality is that a credit provider is very unlikely to provide further credit if you have unpaid bills. A blacklisting will show that you are likely to be a liability in terms of repayment. It reduces your chances of getting access to credit in future.

Southern Mobile considers the affordability of individuals when deciding on granting credit or not.

Client Support Services are available:
Individuals have the option of speaking to a trained consultant if they have any further inquiries. They can simply visit any of the Southern Mobile stores nationwide.

Easy to Apply for online:
By visiting the Southern Mobile website individuals can apply for Low ITC Contracts. There is no unnecessary paperwork involved either, so the process is quick and efficient.

Simple criteria:
Applicants have simple criteria to fulfil if they want to apply for Contracts from Southern Mobile. They simply have to be able to afford repayments.

Multiple stores available:
There are numerous stores nationwide which will make it easier to access the products offered by Southern Mobile.

New products available:
Southern Mobile ensures that clients have access to the best of the latest devices. Whether you are looking for a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop, Southern Mobile may be able to provide you with a contract to suit your needs.

How to contact Southern Mobile:

Call 011 057 716 or send an email to info@southernmobile.co.za

To view more Low ITC Contracts and products available from Southern Mobile, visit www.southernmobile.co.za

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