How to become debt free

How to become debt free

Having access to credit does not have to be regarded as something negative. While many people do occasionally struggle to repay debts, this isn’t always the case. With the amendment of the National Credit Act

With over 22 million credit-active consumers in South Africa, the credit industry is large and continually growing. As a measure of protecting consumers and also ensuring fair credit practices, the National Credit Act was put into place.
In South Africa, consumer rights are protected by the National Credit Act.

When the National Credit Act was promulgated in 2007, it gave birth to the profession of debt counselling. Debt counselling essentially has the wellbeing of the consumer at heart. To qualify for debt counselling, you need to be over-indebted as defined by the National Credit Act (NCA).

According to this Act, consumers who are struggling to repay multiple debts have recourse in the form of debt counselling services.
There are various financial institutions providing these services. Banks are no longer the only options, but micro lenders also offer a range of financial services and are easily accessible.
One such institution is Debt Guidance.

Tell me about Debt Guidance?

This institution has a core vision of ensuring that all South African consumers have the support their need to enable them to become debt-free.

Led by a team of debt experts, Debt Guidance services offer assistance through personal attention.
How to become debt free
Providing services since 2009, Debt Guidance prides itself on outstanding levels of customer service.

What Services are provided by Debt Guidance?

Debt review
A debt counsellor assists you and helps you find a working solution. Your credit payments are restructured in order to provide you with some debt relief. The debt counsellor contacts your creditors and checks how much you owe. The counsellor then contacts credit bureaus and instructs them to list you as being under debt counselling. They then negotiate a new payment plan on your behalf. You are then protected against legal action being taken against you.

Free financial assessments
If you think that you may be over-indebted, Debt Guidance experts will assess your financial standing in order to determine your level of over-indebtedness.

Clearance Certificate
Once you have paid all your debts off in full, Debt Guidance will provide you with a clearance certificate.

Qualified and highly-skilled debt counsellors will assess your outstanding debts and consult directly with your credit providers on your behalf.

Debt counsellors from Dent Guidance have your future financial security in mind.

Debt counsellors can be pivotal in helping you get back on track and with taking control of your finances.

Only National Credit Regulator-accredited Payment Distribution Agencies are used.

By choosing Debt Guidance you can get the help you need to restructure your debt.

You have the benefit of paying only one fixed monthly payment.


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Visit the Debt Guidance website here: for more information about becoming debt-free and how to get your finances back on track.

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