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Simple debt consolidation solutions South Africa

Who needs debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a debt management system designed to assist individuals handling too much debt with paying all of their debts. It’s ideal for over-indebted individuals and simplifies debt repayments.

The main benefit offered by debt consolidation is that it makes it easy to bundle various loans into one amount which can be paid monthly.

Taking out a cash loan to help consolidate your debts may be a good way to stay on the right track to debt recovery. Keeping track of repayments also becomes simplified because you only have to remember to pay one instalment every month. Through debt consolidation, repayment of your debt becomes a lot more affordable.

There are also numerous ways of consolidating debt. For instance, if home equity is used, interest rates tend to be lower, because the collateral is the house.

There are also debt consolidation loans offered by micro lenders.

More about debt consolidation from Instant Blacklisted Loans:

There’s no denying that being blacklisted is an inconvenience. Being blacklisted means that you face difficulty when trying to obtain finance from lending institutions.

Fortunately there are blacklisted loans readily available to cater to such needs. More financial institutions are creating avenues for blacklisted individuals to get access to finance when they need it most.

Instant Blacklisted Loans is one such institution, making it easier for individuals to access extra cash when they need it most.

Getting access to personal loans can be ideal for meeting short or long term financial needs. It’s also important to make sure that you manage this debt properly so that you don’t become over-indebted. Once this happens, an easy way of getting out of this challenge is through debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation works best as part of a larger plan to become debt-free. As a borrower you need to be prepared to repay the loan off when payments are due and that you don’t use the freed up cash in your budget irresponsibly.

You need to think about which options are open to you, given your credit history and assets. You need to keep in mind that before lenders grant personal loans for debt consolidation, they will thoroughly assess your current credit status in order to determine whether you are over-indebted or not.

The best rates will go to those with impeccable credit. So if your credit record is poor, chances are that your interest rate will be higher.

Even if you have been blacklisted this lender makes it possible to pay for any debts you may still have to pay. As a consumer this can help you avoid legal action being taken against you.

Debt consolidation loan amounts typically range between R120 000 and R150 000. Individuals also have a reasonable amount of time to pay, which is typically 60 months.

Debt consolidation loans from Instant Blacklisted Loans are available to any South African in an adverse financial situation. This lender realised that blacklisted individuals have a hard time with getting access to loans, so it focuses on individual affordability instead.

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