Norufin housing loans

Build your home with Norufin housing loans: developmental credit provider

Introducing Norufin Housing Loans; they are a registered developmental credit provider. Making it a priority to get you into your dream house, it may not be overlooking a Miami kind of beach but it will definitely be built according to your desire and will give you the peace of mind that comes with owning your own house. They offer our clients developmental finance for housing and any other housing related practices to both the informal and formal earners who live anywhere in the urban areas or rural areas across South Africa.

Norufin housing Products and Services

This institution provides it clients with what is known as Non Bondable Housing Related Loans. The diverse construct of the South African people has millions living in the rural lands which are on traditional land and therefore cannot be bonded. Building on the ground however needs a person to have a substantial amount of money in order to carry out the construction desired. This is where we as Norufin Housing Loans come in, we can develop a loan agreement for the housing material that is needed.

Norufin also provide our clients with Borrower Education which assists our clients with the best possible spending methods so that they make informed and beneficial decisions when purchasing the housing material.

Other services that they offer clients is Third Party Relationship where we have relationships with building material suppliers which means that payments will be made directly to the supplier.

Norufin housing loans

Norufin housing loans

The organisation has made it very easy for you to get that dream house of yours. You can easily apply online on their website which will only take 5 minutes of your time. The great thing about their online platform is that you can calculate your monthly instalments and interest rates applicable by simply inputting the amount of money that you would like to borrow. The online calculator will give you all the information that you like and by adjusting the amount here and there you will have a good idea of the loan amount you should go for according to your financial ability. Remember that when applying for a housing material loan you will need to be permanently employed, 18 and above and be a South African citizen.

Norufin housing contact details

Address: 1st Floor,
29 Main Street
PO Box 2307,
North West

Tel:+27 18 381 9900

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