Loans for poor affordability

Loans for poor affordability with Lightning Loans

A loan is something that may scare you but when used wisely it actually has a great effect on your financial well being. Many of us can relate to the sting of the economy in South Africa. The cost of living is going higher and higher while our salaries remain stagnant. In order to make ends meet we all try finding something on the side to create some cash flow; some try baking, sewing or getting a weekend job. Unfortunately the little extra cash that we make on the side is just that; little despite all our efforts so finding ourselves drowning in debt is not very uncommon at all.

Credit for poor affordability with Lightning Loans SA

Should you find yourself suffocating under the pressure of car payment, school fees, rent and unforeseen circumstances then it may be a good idea to apply for a loan. Oh gosh there’s that word again “loan”. Not to worry and let us tell you why. With the credit card that you have, the retail cards and the insurance debit orders that go off each month from your bank account; you may actually not be fulfilling all your financial obligations on time. Sound familiar? If like many South Africans you are running behind on your payments then a debt consolidation loan is exactly what you need to get you back on your feet again.

Lightening Loans

Loans for poor affordability – Lightening Loans

The great thing about a consolidation loan is that it specifically targets people who are over indebted and may have been blacklisted as a result. Being blacklisted is not fun and games. You are literally blocked from applying for any sort of finance. A bad credit score scares many credit providers away because they are under the impression that you will not be able to pay back any amount that they lend you. Well that’s where we come in. With Lightening loans you can consolidate all your debt under one umbrella. This means that we will pay off all your debts leaving you with only one account to pay at the end of each month. The benefit of this is that your debt will be better managed; the interest rate will be lower and the instalment will be tailor made according to your own unique financial situation.

A consolidation loan will help you get back on your feet and you will be able to rebuild your credit score again making sure making sure that you are eligible for more financial responsibility. So that sounds like a good loan right? Yes! The consolidation loan is perfect if you do not have collateral to offer such as a home or any other form of equity, if you are blacklisted, if you unable to meet your monthly financial obligations. At Lightening loans we also offer personal loans and vehicle finance. In order to qualify for any of our loans you must have the following:

  • South African ID.
  • Proof of residence.
  • 3 Months bank statement.
  • Recent payslip.
  • Be 18 and above.
  • Be permanently employed.

The process is simple, quick and a click away. Say hello to financial freedom today.
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