Pawn Car Cash

Pawn your car and still drive it with Pawn Car Cash

Pawn Car Cash-providing flexible lines of credit

Pawn Car Cash is a leading financial services provider that specialises in offering fast, flexible finance to individuals. The unpredictable nature of life often means that we have to grapple with unexpected expenses that may arise occasionally. When you suddenly become ill and you have a medical bill to settle, it can be quite helpful getting assistance in the form of a short-term loan.

There is no need for proof of income or a clear credit rating. You can simply use your car as security for a short-term loan.

The institution offers clients access to cash in a convenient way. Clients are able to put their cars up in exchange for a loan.

By applying for a cash loan from this lender, the value of your vehicle determines the loan amount you qualify for.

The application is quick and easy and there are no hidden costs involved.

Pawn Car Cash how it works:

  • Make sure that you asset is fully paid up
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide a spare key
  • Instant valuation of the asset by Pawn Car Cash will determine the loan amount

Documents required for the process include a valid South African ID and the original registration document.

You will be required to bring the asset and documentation to the office. The loan agreement will be endorsed by both parties. The EFT transfer/cash will be paid while you wait.

Once your loan is fully paid you may redeem your asset. The short term loan is repayable at the end of the agreed loan term. Your valuables will then be returned to you in the same condition that they were submitted.

Assets accepted by Pawn Car Cash:

  • Cars and Bakkies
  • Jewellery and Diamonds
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Boats and Yachts
  • Aircraft

Pawn Car Cash – What are the benefits?

You are able to get access to cash much faster than you would from a traditional lending institution

You are offered the convenience of being able to apply for a loan based on the collateral which you are able to put up as security for the loan.

You may be able to get a large sum of money without too many hoops to jump through. Most lenders strive for same day pay-outs, so you may have cash in your account within 24 hours- giving you the financial freedom to meet any urgent needs you may have.

Pawn Car Cash contact details

To contact Pawn Car Cash, call: 071 722 22 22 or send an email to


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