Quick Cash Advance Loan

How to Get a Quick Cash Advance Loan

There are a lot of micro credit loan companies in South Africa. Getting one that is reputable to help you is always a good idea. There are some who offer interest rates that are unacceptably high for their customers. That is why it is crucial to be well informed before you take out a micro loan on cash advance basis, whether short term or long term. Alternatively you can speak to your personal financial consultants. Credit card service providers usually are the ones that offer loan advance.

Where and how to get a quick cash advance loan

Credit card and charge card companies have facilities that extend for application of cash advance loans. The advance is based on the customer’s monthly income. There are also limits to cash loan advance. When the loan is approved the customer can access the cash at an ATM.

Credit card companies give their users a daily limit that is based on maximum credit usage on their cards. But on the cash advance the amount will be minimal credit usage. Meaning they will only be able to use a small amount of credit on the card.

Cash advance loans are usually for smaller amount than other finance, and are based on the idea of getting money on pay day. The advance is meant to cover you during the month when needs arise. Application of the cash advance takes little time to process and approve.

It is always best to get a cash advance loan on institutions with a good and well know reputation such as  financial service providers like First National Bank, Standard Bank, ABSA Bank or Nedbank.

Getting a cash advance through a credit card should be considered as the only last option available due to the fact that the interest rates are higher and are immediate. Alternatively you can look up reputable micro credit lenders when all options fail.

Others to consider that have a good track record and worth your attention are RCS Personal Loans and Rates Direct Personal Loans. An effective method is also going online and look up Loan Finder SA. The site has comparison on rates on loans on offer in South Africa.

What to be aware of when applying for a quick cash advance loan

It is of crucial importance that you are fully aware and are well versed with the loan structure you are about to take. It is equally important not to apply for a loan when you do not need it. When you do apply for the loan it is best to fully read and find out if there are any hidden clauses before you sign on the dotted line.

You may want to compare different companies and repayment models and choose the best option for you.

Some loans come with admin fees and it’s important to ask and find out the fee structures. Others offer free admin fees but they recoup that through high interest rates. Hence it’s of importance not to be lured by free rates on offer.

Interests repayments on cash advance on credit card have are high. Usually there are no interest free periods when you have the cash advance loan.
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