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Refused a Loan South Africa – Advice and alternatives

There is nothing more frustrating than being declined by a credit lender for a personal loan. Many people find themselves in this distressing situation which can leave many rather despondent.  We all find ourselves a little desperate for a financial solution in these grim economic times. At times when you find yourself rejected by a credit lender they won’t inform you of the specific reason as to why they do not want to approve your loan but do not be disheartened because through our extensive experience in the credit industry we have come to know that there are many other credit lenders who are willing to approve your loan.

We are Loan Blacklisted and we have a great track record of helping many people find approval of the loan amount that they need regardless of being declined by a previous credit lender.  Should you find yourself declined by a financial credit institution then let us help you find another credit lender who will be more than willing to approve your credit and suit your needs. The reason for your decline may be because the credit lender operates from an automated credit scoring system which has numerous categorized aspects to it and that is why you can never get a clear answer.

refused a loanAlways remember that having been refused a loan by a credit facility does not mean you’ve hit a dead end. Try not to panic because it is not all credit lenders who work from an automated credit scoring system. There a lot of personal loan providers who will analyse your case with a different lens. They will look at your case based on its own particular standing and certain elements of merit even though you may have been rejected of financing at a previous credit provider. Please not that it is in your best interest to refrain from re applying to a completely different company from scratch as that would be the natural reaction.

What can benefit you is consulting with a team of experienced professionals who make it their priority to source out loans for people who have been declined by other credit institutions and this is what we at Loan Blacklsited excel in.  You can get a hold of us via telephone or fill out a very short online form and we will take it from there. Our loan providers offer loans to homeowner’s mortgage bond payers across South Africa. The many options available are for those who:

  • Have taken out payday loans or many other credit offerings.
  • Having been declined by a previous loan company or having been only approved for a small amount.
  • Have missed your mortgage, loan or credit card payments and looking to resolve it.
  • Having been issued a garnishee.
  • Having too many credit or store accounts.

There are many reasons as to why one could be refused a loan as stated from the above and the other common ones are finding yourself being a part of a joint account that has not been paid in a while that you no longer are responsible for; such as an account with your ex or finding yourself with no credit rating at all due to not having any history of credit; should you find yourself in any of these situations then we are more than happy to assist you.

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