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credit report

Check your credit report online

You can check your credit online which is a fast and convenient way to see if your name has not been blacklisted. If you have been under a lot of financial pressure and have missed a few payments here and there then it’s a good idea to check your credit and ensure that you name is in the clear. If you find that you are blacklisted then it will affect your opportunities in getting any additional credit in the future. Continue reading

help with debt

Assistance with debt

Are you blacklisted and in need of assistance? Do you feel frustrated and lost in an ocean of debt? Don’t wait any longer because help does exist and you can get it immediately. Do not hesitate because if you do your financial problems will only get worse. You don’t have to face it alone and you really shouldn’t because there are professionals out there that make it their mission to solve your financial problems by employing a number of alleviating solutions that are favourable to you and acceptable to your creditors as well. You don’t need to face the storm alone. Continue reading

loan seekers

Loan Seekers

A personal loan is something that a lot of people shy away from because they think it will only bring bad news to them; this couldn’t be further from the truth. A personal loan can produce a lot of benefits for you that will leave you in a much more manageable state than the state of panic and frustration. When you take out a personal loan you are declaring financial stability by ensuring that you meet all of your financial obligations on time while maintaining a healthy credit record. Continue reading

Moola Loans

There are a lot of financial products on offer by banks and other institutions. This proves that money does make the world go round. When you are without money, chances are your own world will not go around. Credit cards, debit cards, insurance, life policy and much more all center around finances.  Service providers of these things know that to live is to use money. Continue reading

debt review loans online

Loans For People Under Debt Review South Africa

A loan is something that can be of great assistance to anyone when in need of finances for whatever reason they may need it for. The economy has not been very friendly to a lot of people in South Africa and the 2008 recession was felt by almost everyone. Unfortunately a lot of people are still feeling the sting of the 2008 economic recession as some people lost their jobs and were not able to pay back all of their debt like they had planned to. Continue reading

Blacklisted loans from banks

Being blacklisted is one of the most uncomfortable situations a person can find themselves in. The negative personal financial profile that is viewed in a suspicious manner all the time. Doors easily close before the application is complete. Many South Africans find themselves in this situation. The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has reported that more than 10.5 million South Africans with credit where not able to manage it properly. They have not met their repayments for 3 months or more and are in deep areas. In times past credit was easily available. However financial institutions have been proactive in eradicating reckless lending. It damages businesses and hurts the consumer. Since the 2008 global banking crisis that began overseas and spread across the world. The financial markets have been slowly recovering. However the South African economy has not fully recovered and it has been stagnant with more than 34% unemployment. The financial markets experienced a credit freeze and this resulted in banks find it hard to loan out money.
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Quick Cash Advance Loan

How to Get a Quick Cash Advance Loan

There are a lot of micro credit loan companies in South Africa. Getting one that is reputable to help you is always a good idea. There are some who offer interest rates that are unacceptably high for their customers. That is why it is crucial to be well informed before you take out a micro loan on cash advance basis, whether short term or long term. Alternatively you can speak to your personal financial consultants. Credit card service providers usually are the ones that offer loan advance. Continue reading

Hlano Financial Services Loans

Hlano Financial Services Loans

Hlano Financial Services Loans operates in the financial sector as micro lender to the public. Its offices are in Johannesburg, Randburg. The need for financial help in South Africa has grown. The public is aware that going to a loan shark is a costly mistake and can end up in misfortunes. That is the reason South Africans are choosing reputable financial services that are not fly by night but are established. A place that provide good sound advice on getting a loan. At Hlano Financial Services things are done professionally and the company has helped lots of South Africans get loans and pay them back at affordable rates. Continue reading

african bank debt consolidation

African Bank debt consolidation loan online application

The process of getting a personal loan is something worth sitting down and thinking it through. It’s always best to have the best advice from a financial institution that is reputable. Going to loan sharks is not an option to fix or help you in the short term or long term. Their interest rates come with crippling amounts and sometimes are over 50% of the loan. Over the years the need for personal loans in South Africa has grown and it has become a market that financial institutions help out with. African bank is one of the institutions that have helped South Africans with personal loans. The bank will continue to offer services to make the life of loan seeker better. African bank has a range of loans on offer and a growing trend in the market has been consolidation loans. African bank offers this product. It is important to pay off loans in time. Consolidation loans takes out the pressure from this. You will close your debts and just focus on one loan to pay off.
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