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Kamela Quick Cash Loans

In life there are endless financial needs. You will have to pay utility bills, buy airtime or settle contract bill, buy groceries, pay school fees, pay transport fares, the list goes on. This could be your monthly budget. So what happens when something comes up you did not budget for? It may be an emergency or just that special at your favorite shop that comes once a year. What do you do to get a small to medium loan when something comes up that is not within your budget? In this case you need quick cash.

About Kamela cash loans

Kamela Quick Cash is a lender and providing you with a credit line when you need it the most. The loans are done in a professional way. You will be treated with the utmost respect, because Kamela knows that people are independent and want to remain that way. So you will not be in a debt prison. The loans are designed to handle a quick emergency or for personal use such as buying something that you know you will pay three times if you don’t buy it when it’s on sale.

Kamela cash loans services

The services of the credit provider are in the name. Quick cash, this is what Kamela specializes on. The loans are well sized and proportioned. The repayments rates are not cut throat but easy to live with and easy on your pocket. When you loan you can settle with cash as agreed. Quick cash varies and the interest rate also varies. Not only quick cash but Kamela also offers personal loans. You can use these for such things as car repairs, minor home improvements or pay school fees. Whatever the need, you can request the personal loan.


  • Access to fast money
  • Interest Rates vary and affordable
  • Fast services

Kamela cash loans application

To apply for the loan is very secure and simple. You will need to produce your pay slip to show that you are employed and can afford to settle the loan within the agreed time. You will also need the following documents to for processing before the loan is issued:

  • A South African Identity book or card
  • Proof of Residency
  • Cellphone were you can be called
  • Bank statements, where your salary or wages are paid into.

When you have provided these documents, your application will be checked for verification purposes. The dedicated staff at Kamela Quick Loans will make sure your loan request is done in a proficient manner. When you are successful with the application you will be contacted. The amount will be forwarded to your bank and you can withdraw it.

For more information and details on how to apply and the amounts and loan contracts, feel free to contact Kamela Quick Cash. You can call during office hours (9am – 5pm). Alternatively you can just pay them a visit. Their consultants will be glad to assist you.

Kamela cash loans Contact details
Phone number:
012 341 0706
Fax: 012 341 1121

Address: Nanro Crt, 211 Esselen St, Sunnyside, Gauteng, 0002, South Africa
City of Pretoria
Post Office box: 73677, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040
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