Ubuntu Administrators

Ubuntu Administrators

If you are suffocating due to debt and afraid of asset loss, there is hope. You can have a negative listing revoked. Finances are the core of most problems that people face every day. The situation is made worse if you can’t get help through access to credit or some way of temporal financial aid. In South Africa roughly more than 2 million people are blacklisted. 17 million are credit consumers. This means the way to financial freedom is not easy for the working majority of the country. When you are unable to pay, creditors will place a listing on your credit profile with the credit bureau. Getting credit will be a serious challenge for you. Application for loans or accounts will be declined.

About Ubuntu Administrators

Ubuntu Administrators is a company that deals with individuals that are indebted and risk the loss of their asset. If you have been working and can’t cope with debts you can find help before it’s too late. Ubuntu Administrators will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors for a favorable outcome, and limit the damage debt can course your life. Also you will get good financial advice on how to get out of debt in record time and get your credit score before the creditors put listing on you.

Ubuntu Administrators Services

When a credit listing is put on your name, you may not know how to revoke it. The services at Ubuntu Administrators will help you rescind the negative listing. In this case you could be put under administration.  Garnishee orders will be revoked from your pay slip and extra garnishee orders will be restricted. Your creditors will be paid according to what you can afford. This will eliminate the possibility of your assets being taken from you.

You will be helped through a Granted Court Order.

Ubuntu Administrators has a very well qualified staff and professionals that are well versed on credit finances and court orders. Their experience brings expertise to the company and their proficient work ethic will make sure your problems are attended to quickly and efficiently. The team is well versed in the consumer and financial law. You will be assisted till your debts are fully paid, and all is done according to the laws that protect you, consumer.

To apply for help using Ubuntu you can do it via online. It’s simple; all you have to do is fill in your details and creditors.

Everything you can imagine in the modern world costs. From cellphones that need airtime to cars that need petrol, translation; you must have healthy cash inflows of money every month. If you don’t the situation will be complicated. That is partly the reason why most South Africans have bad credit record and can’t get any loans anymore. Even though they could be working and settled all their debts. Just one credit listing can limit you a lot and when you owe and can’t pay it can affect your health, due to asset seizures. But Ubuntu is here to help.

For more information you can call during office hours the following numbers
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Ubuntu Administrators Contacts details

Website http://www.ubuntuadministrators.co.za/
Tel: 013 755 2975
Address: Address: 10 Cameron St, nelspruit, Nelspruit, 1200

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